Her Hips Don’t Lie. How One Dining Out Change Has Changed This Mom’s Body.



Hello Atlanta Eats Fans-


My hips don’t lie (to the tune of Shakira please) . . .Time to give some real results on my FlyBarre Challenge! I’ve pulsed 4 inches off of these hips of mine !!!! And 2 inches off my arms! For Real. Im really reporting results to you here. I love to eat. I love to keep my busy family scheduled and I love to pulse.

I love, love, love the dynamic arms (sounds corny) part of these classes and I’m consistently using 2 lb weights for the arm portion of the class now (still embarrassed to say that) and it has made a difference.

So the message here is that FlyBarre works!! Trying so hard to keep the routine going. I look forward to these classes (did I really just say that)?? It’s funny to look at yourself in the mirror while your holding onto to a ballet bar and swinging your hips side to side while your grooving to a hip hop version of an old Michael Buble song that your actually getting a workout…my hips are shrinking and my core is getting stronger and if I miss a few days of this class I can tell a difference in my body for sure.

Problem is that we all fall into the same category of food loving freaks. Did you gals get a chance to check out our show featuring great healthy restaurants last week? Making good decisions at dinner is my other challenge! It’s the appetizers that get me… My new strategy is apps as entrees! It keeps me from overeating and the items I like the most are usually on the appetizer list anyway! So instead of eating both… I just choose one. There are so many fantastic dining options in our town that it can be hard to control yourself. But really, controlling yourself allows you to get a taste of what you are looking for, and then when you hit FlyBarre, you can pulse it right off.



I used to think that if I wasn’t soaking wet and miserable and completely exhausted lying on the ground catching my breath with my pulse pounding in my forehead that I hadn’t had a workout. Maybe Im older now, maybe Ive had lots of kids and I just can’t do that hard core thing anymore, however, I think Im proud of myself for adjusting and not taking that on. A workout doesn’t have to kill you to work. This FlyBarre class gives me everything my body needs without killing me and leaving me starving a few hours later. And the more you do it, the harder you can push yourself because your stronger then you were a week before. In 45 minutes or an hour this class actually gets to every section that we all want looking good. A little ab, a little but, a little hip, a little thigh. One to two minutes each with some distraction happening and you are good to go.


Im actually starting to plan my weeks better then I used to. It’s a challenge, for sure. Each week I start off with the best of intensions. I love the fact that FlyBarre (and FlyWheel too) open up their schedule on Sunday afternoons. I get the email that says you are allowed to sign up and it instantly gets me in planning mode. I get my calendar out and I find a way to get there. . . I have learned that this is a big step to getting in the habit of making this a routine. If its on my calendar, if I have my mat, if I know Erika the Awesome is teaching the power or that Kelsey is going to be running the show, I prep myself and get my but to my mat. I want my ass to look like that those girls. . .(stay tuned for upcoming blogs on butts . … ). Clearly these girls are professionals. Sometimes life (or 3 kids) gets in the way. That’s why Im committed to the appetizers only . . .


Today is a sunny day in Atlanta! . .. while beautiful for sure, it is a reminder of what is right around the corner. Bikinis. Sundresses .. .all that good, fabulous spring fashion. It all looks better when you have pulsed your hips into shape. I hear there is another FlyBarre challenge happening soon . .. get to your favorite Atlanta Eats restaurant and while you indulge on that app check out the details on FlyBarre Challenge . ..


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