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Holeman & Finch: 10 o’Clock at Turner Field

It’s one of the Atlanta restaurant scene’s worst-kept secrets that Holeman and Finch’s infamous 10 o’clock burger, featured on The Layover: Atlanta, is going to be hitting it out of the park at Turner Field, from opening day of the 2013 season (April 1st).

In the Suntrust Club, the swanky underground lounge behind home plate, representatives from the Braves organization, including General Manager, John Schuerholz, formally announced the addition of Linton Hopkins’ prized burger to a concessions menu that includes Kevin Rathbun’s Steak Sandwich, and Sesame Steak Skewers from Buckhead favorite, Dantanna’s.

At Holeman & Finch, 24 of the burgers are available each night from 10pm. Obviously that’s not going to work for the Turner Field, which expects to sell over 1,000 burgers and 13,000 hot dogs on opening day. Hopkins has often said that the reason for the limited supply is rooted in quality management — and it’s okay to be curious how the chef plans to manage quality when he’s selling 240 of them or 755. The answer is that there’ll be a Holeman and Finch chef on-site for every home game (we can only imagine the arguments about who got that gig), and that chef will be responsible for making sure no burger goes out with an asterisk beside its name.

The Braves will be offering 24 tickets that give ticket-holders a fast-pass to the front of the H&F line, and a guaranteed burger. Those game-and-burger combo tickets will cost $32 and seats will be located in sections 148L, 149L, and 151L.

Holeman and Finch Burger will be under the BravesVision scoreboard in Fan Plaza, and the burgers will cost exactly the same in the stadium as they do at H&F in Buckhead.

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