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Atlanta’s 5 Horniest Dishes

How can you tell if a dish is horny? When you look at it and it says right back to you, “Eat me.” Dirty jokes aside, there are some dishes around Atlanta that have an effervescent sensuality. For part of our Valentine’s Day coverage this year, we’re putting a spotlight on a few ATL dishes that are thirsty and looking to be devoured!

The King platter from King and Duke.
The King – King + Duke
Anything that shares its name with Elvis certainly wants you to pay attention to its bone. With a 44oz tomahawk served with the bone, give your best shot at sucking out that marrow. Just make sure you leave room for the little potatoes and herb butter.

Signage at the Slutty Vegan.
Instagram – @sluttyveganatl

Slutty Vegan – The One Night Stand
If you’re looking to dabble in alternative lifestyles (we don’t judge), the folks at Slutty Vegan have the perfect option for you. The One Night Stand is a good way to dip your toes in the waters of plant-based meals, and this plant based patty tastes like a classic. It’s got vegan bacon, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and their signature slut sauce.

The Randy deep fried bacon from Folk Art.
Folk Art – The Randy
We can’t think of a better dish for this category than The Randy, which is basically another word for Horny (but is actually named after Randy Parks, owner of Folk Art). It’s deep fried bacon in sweet potato batter and served with delicious maple syrup.

The louwill lemon pepper bbq wings from Magic City.
Twitter – @zsoskin

Magic City – Louwill Lemon Pepper
When ATL basketball legend Lou Williams was suspended during the 2020 NBA season, it was for leaving quarantine and heading to Magic City. One of ATL’s most beloved jiggle joints, Lou wasn’t heading to Magic City to catch his favorite dancer. No, the man went at risk of suspension from his job for his namesake chicken wings – the LouWill Lemon Pepper BBQ Wings. This story alone puts it in the ATL Horny dishes Hall of Fame.

The Blondie from Tiny Lou's.
Instagram – @tinylousatl

Tiny Lou’s – Desserts
Sticking with some of our favorite exotic dancers, Atlanta’s most famous ones are local celebrities at the Clermont Lounge. After undergoing renovations to the hotel and restaurant spaces above the legendary nudie bar, Tiny Lou’s was opened to much acclaim, serving incredible French bistro style – including mouthwatering desserts. In fact, the desserts are named after the lovely ladies of the Clermont so the next time you’ve got a mouth full of Goldie, you’ll be happy either way.

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