How we Spent National Cheese Day

Gooey.  Crusty.  Soft. Spreadable. There’s no wrong way to enjoy cheese.  That’s why we celebrated National Cheese Day by eating cheese in our three favorite forms – as a sandwich, with fries and as Mac and cheese.  Scroll down to see who we visited and we we ordered at each location.

The cheese sandwich from Seven Lamps


It was easy to get to from our Buckhead office (It’s right in the shops around Lenox) and we were there right when they opened to give this big boy a try.  They use brioche bread to make an egg in the hole as the outside of the sandwich.  On the inside we have pan fried gruyere, jack and fromage blanc cheese along with fresh avocado.  House made chips are served on the side – we ordered a coke to bring this whole Monday brunch together.

Poutine from Sports and Social

Sports and Social

We heard the news, but we’re hoping that the tariffs don’t affect Poutine.  At Sport and Social, they make an amazing Southern Poutine – crispy fries topped with jalapeño pimento cheese and spicy sausage gravy.  A perfect order for that Braves vs Blue Jays away series coming up in June.

Mac and Cheese from the Porter

The Porter

We couldn’t celebrate National Cheese Day without a little Mac and cheese – and we can’t celebrate anything without a beer in hand.  That’s why we went to the Porter to try their delicious Mac and ordered up a flight (because, why not?).

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