The Hungry Games

Atlanta is lucky to be the home of many mixed-entertainment destinations. Bowling, golf, and vintage arcade games are great, but don’t skimp on the menu at these eating and entertainment powerhouses. As the holiday season approaches, keep these fun and flavorful spots in mind when family comes to town. Turn your night out into a unique dining experience filled with games and grub!

Top Golf


We’re not golf experts, but we know good food and the Top Golf menu is a hole in one! The entire venue is gorgeous and the food reflects the image of innovation and modernity that has been cultivated since it’s inception. In between turns, take a bite of some of the craziest and most flavorful bar bites available! To start, we recommend the Craft Beer Queso. The combination of cheeses, the mustard and garlic, and the slight tang of a well brewed beer creates a unique take on this pub classic. Next up? A Top Golf invention, Mushi. Burritos served sushi style with spicy chicken, savory beans, and flavorful rice all wrapped up in a jalapeño tortilla and cut into hand rolls? Sounds too good to be true. Pace yourself because the fun doesn’t stop until after dessert. End your night of eating and entertainment with the “Injectable Donut Holes”, 24 cinnamon and sugar coated dough bites served with self- injectable fillings (chocolate, raspberry jelly, and Bavarian cream) in oversized syringes. Sounds like one hell of a “Sunday Funday” to us!


The Painted Pin

This is not your mama’s bowling alley! The Painted Pin exploded onto the scene and quickly became an Atlanta date-night spot. The Painted Pin created a delicious and chic menu to satiate customers in between their turns. The roasted corn appetizer is executed to perfection and topped with a custom blend of seasonings and cheeses that truly makes them irresistible. The popcorn, Asian inspired edamame, and ranch and cheddar dusted pork rinds are all dangerously addictive. You have been warned! Keep some room to spare (get it?) because the house made chocolate chip sandwiches are to die for. Work off some of those calories on the dance floor, playing bocce ball, or playing life size Jenga! Relive your childhood and grab a lane at The Painted Pin.



Located on the Westside, Ormsby’s has become a favorite late night spot for all. They may have bocce, photo booths, skee-ball, and karaoke downstairs, but all the action is upstairs. Executive Chef Scotley Innis has created an extensive and upscale bar menu to satisfy any appetite. The braised short rib on a pretzel bun is easily one of the best sandwiches in the city. The smell is intoxicating and the meat is melt-in-your-mouth tender. For a lighter take, the mushroom ragout pasta with spring peas and white wine is sure to please. So often vegetarians are overlooked when it comes to pub grub, but this dish is filling, savory, and delicious. For a more traditional take on tavern fare, the fritters, rings, and fries come with some inspired sauces. Pot roast gravy, pimento cheese fondue, and sriracha mayo are the perfect addition to these classic apps. No matter the hour, occasion, or appetite; Ormsby’s has something for everyone!


Midtown Bowl

“An Atlanta Tradition since 1960”, Midtown Bowl transports us to simpler times. In a generation obsessed with technology, it is truly refreshing to put the phone down and just relax with good friends and food. Open late and without lane reservation, Midtown Bowl knows how to keep you satisfied in between strikes. Our recommendation? 3 different types of salty snacks all focusing on the holy grail of carbohydrates; the almighty potato. The homemade chips are fried to order and oh so flavorful, hot, and crispy. Want something a little heartier? The hand-cut potato skins are loaded with all of fixin’s. The sweet potato fries are unlike anything you find at a retro-chic bowling alley. The sweet potatoes themselves are piping hot and mouthwatering, but when they cover the fries in marshmallow fluff Midtown Bowl really takes it to the next level. You can have a thanksgiving flashback any time of year!

Midtown Bowl

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