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Iconic Vegan Restaurants Around Atlanta (Plus Restaurants With Good Vegan Options)

Written by Cyrus McCallie and Trisha Pintavorn

While it’s true that Atlanta is more known for things like lemon pepper wings, BBQ, and Southern cuisine, we do also have a small but growing and thriving vegan scene. You may have to venture over to roaming food trucks to find what you’re looking for, but the vegan scene does exist in ATL! Check out some of our faves below.  

Bar Vegan - Cocktail | Photo:
Bar Vegan – Cocktail | Photo:

1. Bar Vegan

675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Suite N-215, Atlanta, GA 30308

Pinky Cole’s Bar Vegan offers authentic, truly vegan dishes with flourishes you’re sure to remember! Some of their drinks come with a Ferris wheel, safe with a musical score or more. This restaurant right off the Beltline aims for a dramatic, fun experience. Reviews call  it “magical” and an “entire vibe.” Proof that veganism doesn’t have to be boring! Bar Vegan proves veganism can be magical. Nestled along the Beltline, this restaurant is a kaleidoscope of flavors and flourishes that will leave you in awe. Bar Vegan takes vegan cuisine to the next level by infusing each dish with an authentic touch.  The fun doesn’t stop at the food—prepare to be dazzled by their drinks. From Ferris wheel garnishes that spin your taste buds into a frenzy to cocktails with classic show tunes, Bar Vegan knows how to serve drinks with an extra dose of pizzazz. The reviews speak for themselves, as patrons describe the experience as “magical” and an “entire vibe.” 

Cafe Sunflower - Pad Thai
Cafe Sunflower – Pad Thai

2. Cafe SunFlower

2140 Peachtree Road Ste 290 Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Self-described “masters of vegan cuisine,” Cafe Sunflower creates tasty meals for life-long vegans and die-hard carnivores. It being vegan is just a coincidence!
They offer nut and gluten-free versions of almost every meal ranging from pancakes to gyros. It’s time to turnip the veggie volume and let Cafe Sunflower show you how to go green with delicious flair. As self-proclaimed “masters of vegan cuisine,” this gem serves up delectable meals that will make you forget it’s all plant-based. From fluffy pancake towers to tantalizing gyros, they offer nut and gluten-free versions of their mouth watering creations. No one gets left out of the green party! Cafe Sunflower proves that being vegan is not a coincidence; it’s a way of life.


3. GAS (Good Ass Sandwiches)

2889 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30317 

Attention all partakers and plant-based foodies in Atlanta! GAS is the ultimate 4/20-themed food truck that will take your taste buds on a seriously high journey. Strap yourself in for a mind-blowing experience when GAS rolls up, offering a selection of mouthwateringly cheesy burgers, sandwiches, and fries. This joint is all about getting the munchies without the guilt, as their entire menu is 100% plant-based, making your stomach and Mother Earth equally happy.

Harmony Vegetarian - Sesame Chicken | Photo: Yelp
Harmony Vegetarian – Sesame Chicken | Photo: Yelp

4. Harmony Vegetarian

4897 Buford Hwy, Suited 109 Chamblee, GA 30341

There’s a harmonious culinary journey at Harmony Vegetarian! This jewel embraces the essence of healthy and fresh Chinese cuisine. But here’s the twist: their imitation proteins, made from beans and konjac, are true champions in the art of deception, fooling even the most carnivorous of appetites. Sink your chopsticks into their in-house masterpiece, the Fried Crunchy Chicken with Pepper Salt, and prepare yourself for a mouthful of crunch, spice, and pure satisfaction. Stir-fry on to Harmony Vegetarian, where healthy and delicious Chinese-inspired delights await!

Red soup with tofu and mushrooms floating in it
Spicy Tofu Soup | Herban Fix | Photo Credit: Happy Cow

5. Herban Fix

565 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Indulge in herbaceous delights at Herban Fix. This upscale restaurant shares authentic vegan cuisines from Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond, satisfying vegans, vegetarians, and even meat lovers! With a focus on freshness and taste, Herban Fix offers a distinctively ritzy dining experience that embraces an eco-friendly lifestyle. Each dish is crafted with passion, showcasing plant-based cuisine’s flavorful possibilities. Join the herbvolution and experience flavors that will leave you herbing for more.

6. Slutty Vegan

Multiple Locations

Because you just know they had to make the list. Enjoy some “sloppy toppy” with your best “side chick.” Slutty Vegan might convince you that veganism might just become your main. It’s banging! Slutty Vegan is a vegan restaurant all about bangin’ burgers that raise eyebrows, not blood pressure. The food is filling, flavorful, and the talk of the town. Watch out for your man. From their signature “Sloppy Toppy” sandwiches to the perfect pairings with their best “Slutty Slushies,” Slutty Vegan is where burgers are bold and plant-based provocative. Watch your man. Slutty Vegan may become his main.

Photo: Instagram/upbeet
Photo: Instagram/upbeet

7. Upbeet

1071 Howell Mill Road, Suite A Atlanta, GA 30318

Upbeet rides to the beat of their own drum. Their motto is”Good vibes, non-GMO, and local ingredients ONLY!” While we should note this is not a vegan restaurant, they do offer lots of great vegan options.  Every bite is healthy, fresh, and insanely delicious. Their gorgeous patio and clean, lush interior make it a millennial paradise.

Photo: Facebook/vegreen

8. Vegreen Vegetarian Fusion Restaurant

3780 Old Norcross Rd, Suite 106, Duluth, GA 30096

Breathe in. Vegreens’s here to help you balance your bodily health and RTO mandates. These plant pioneers are here to remind you to nourish yourself with goodness. Their menu draws from diverse Asian cuisines. Try their fried kale and California rolls – it’s a treat! They hope their dishes brighten your day and help you conquer Atlanta’s 5-hour gridlocks. So smile; that’s what they’re there for.


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