Man of the Foods: Justin Timberlake songs as ATL Restaurants


This Thursday, Justin Timberlake, one of the few humans to ever wear a full denim suit on a red carpet and live to tell the tale is coming to Atlanta. On tour for his latest album, Man of the Woods, JT takes State Farm Arena and it got us thinking…about food. You know what time it is – Great Atlanta Restaurants as Popular Justin Timberlake Songs.


Fromage Blanc agnolotti from Gunshow

What Goes Around…Comes Around at Gunshow:

This song is all about heartbreak and karma and that pretty much sums up Gunshow for us. Kevin Gillespie nailed the concept of this dim-sum style eatery. The plates are small bites that get carted around to each table, but nothing hurts more than that cart going back to the kitchen before you even know what was on it! But, just when you’ve given up, that lovely cart makes it’s return starting on your side and you get first dibs on the Woodsman and Wife fromage blanc agnolotti (how fitting right!?)!



steak and onion rings from Golden Eagle

Bring “Sexy Back” at Golden Eagle:

Sleek and seductive, Golden Eagle would have been the perfect set for this music video if the timing was right. The entire place feels like VIP with the plush leather chairs, dark mahogany wood and candlelight. The drinks are premium and the food divine – we’d go back and back again for the Tavern Steak Au Poivre with the onion rings on the side. Plus, they have an expansive patio with plenty of seating and relaxed outdoor vibes. This Beltline spot was made for you to Get Your Sexy On.









caviar from Nikolai's Roof

Suit & Tie Sh*t at Nickolai’s Roof:

Bowtie not required, but if you want to do it Justin Timberlake style you’d best get fixed up to the nines! Nikolai’s Roof, located in the Hilton Downtown ATL is the perfect place to impress a date – it offers breathtaking views and, with its expansive menu, you can show them a few things.  The caviar is world class and you’ll want to bring someone special to have this 20/20 Experience.




Jerk Wings at Negril Village

Rock Your Body at Negril Village:

The soul of the Caribbean in the heart of Midtown. When you’re in the mood to do Sunday Funday right with brunch, booze, and music this is your spot. So grab your girls, and grab a couple more! From jerk chicken and waffles to weekday happy hours, you wont be so quick to walk away from this spot. And the live music or DJ will have you dancing with friends and strangers alike!




soft tofu Korean stew from Son of a Bear

Say Something at Son of a Bear:

A Man of the Woods wouldn’t be anything without wildlife. Enter the den at Oakhurst’s new Korean and Shoju joint – Son of a Bear. The name is based on Korean folklore and definitely makes a statement, and the small bites are meant to be paired with their Korean beers. You wont want to get caught up in the rhythm, but you also can’t help yourself.




Let’s eat!


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