You Can Still Get Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix!

Girl Scout cookies stopped being sold on March 18, so you’ll have a hard time finding any. However, you can still enjoy a tasty Samoa treat at Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall off the Beltline. How, you ask? Because Taria Camerino bought a bunch of boxes when cookies were still being sold and is working her magic.

The Creative Culinary Director for Ladybird was asked to create a a recipe using a Girl Scout cookie by Creative Loafing, and decided to chose the cookie with the most cult following. Wanting to stray away from cheesecake & mousse and create something more unique, Camerino decided on a fried pie as it’s synonomous with the South. The overall inspiration for the treat was to provide comfort. Girl Scout cookies provide this feeling as buyers know they will be sold every year and have been for as long as we can remember. Buying 60 cases to make sure she had enough, Camerino stocked up & got to work.

Her finished product uses a cream cheese pie dough to provide a crispy and light base, which she describes as similar to a McDonald’s fried pie. The Samoas are then mashed into a custard, which sits for a bit afterward, just as a banana pudding would. This time allows the cookie to really melt and become one with the custard. Then, the pie goes into the fryer, & another cookie is put on top of it while it’s frying, creating a delicious crunch. The fryer allows the chocolate and caramel to really combine with the pie, making it extremely flavorful and gooey. After fried, the pie is topped with a bacon fat caramel, giving the treat a smokey flavor. Smoke from a campire goes hand-in-hand with camping, the overall theme of Ladybird. And what goes along with camping? Yep, you guessed it…Girl Scout cookies!

Just like the cookies, these fried pies will only be available for a limited time…basically until Camerino runs out of Samoas. Guests are loving the dessert, so make sure you snag one before all of Camerino’s boxes are gone.

Have you tried one of Ladybird’s Fried Samoa Pies yet? Let us know below in the comments!

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