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Gusto! Wood Fire Grill is making a name for itself in the fast-casual forefront of Atlanta. They serve up healthy affordable dishes and put a lot of love into their recipes. They are supporting a local friend who “lives life with Gusto” in a Zombie Run fundraiser and need your help to “Chayse the dream”.


In Gusto’s neighborhood, there is a special place called the Shepherd Center. The Shepherd Center is one of the top ten rehabilitation hospitals in the nation for spinal cord and brain injuries. The patients and staff there inspire Gusto on a daily basis.  Recently, they met a young Shepherd Center patient who truly defines what it means to live your life with Gusto. His name is Chayse and here is his story in his own words.


“My name is Chayse Wolf. I am an 18-year-old from Wilmington, Ohio. I graduated with honors in May of 2015 from Clinton-Massie High School. I was a captain on the football team and received All-Region honors. I was privileged enough to win two State Championships during my high school career. My older brother, Bayle, is a sophomore at West Point and a member of the Army football team. My younger brother, Jaycob, is a sophomore at Clinton-Massie High School and is on the varsity football and baseball teams. My baby brother, Ayden, is in the 3rd grade and is starting his first year of football. Football has been part of the very fabric of our family since I can remember. So, imagine my excitement when I earned a football scholarship to Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky. I was prepared to report to LWC this fall to begin playing football at the next level while pursuing a business degree, in hopes of one day fulfilling my dream of opening my own gym. According to my life plan, everything was falling into place.

My plans were instantly derailed though on July 12th, 2015, when I was involved in an ATV accident in West Virginia while on a whitewater rafting trip with my dad, brother and friends. The ATV rolled over me, breaking my T-12 and L-1 vertebrae and distorting my spinal column. I was care-flighted to Ruby Memorial Trauma Center on the West Virginia University campus, where I had two surgeries to repair my vertebrae and realign my spinal column with metal rods. Even though my back was structurally repaired, the trauma to my spinal cord resulted in paralysis below my waist. I spent a week in ICU before being transported to The Shepard Center in Atlanta for 4-6 weeks of acute spinal cord rehab. Upon being discharged from the acute inpatient rehab, I will attend outpatient rehab several times a week for as long as I am making progress. I am determined to push my body to its limits in order to gain as much mobility and independence as possible.

Chayse 2

I refuse to let this injury define me! I realize now that God has a plan for my life that is far different than what I had envisioned and I want to live out HIS plan to the fullest. God instilled in me a passion for sports and physical activity. This injury will not prevent me from continuing to compete in these activities. I hope by overcoming this tragedy mentally, emotionally and, the good Lord willing, physically that I will be able to inspire others overcoming their own hardships. Once I’ve reached the full potential of my recovery, I’ll turn my focus back to obtaining my college degree.”

Gusto’s goal is to raise at least $15,000 to help cover a small fraction of Chayse’s medical expenses. They believe that life should be met with serious determination and a joyful heart, and Chayse does just that. They know the Gusto community will encourage Chayse in his recovery by spreading the word and giving. You can fund Chayse on his GoFundMe site http://www.gofundme.com/chaysethedream


To thank those who give, we will commit to doing the following at each milestone we hit.

$1000 – Donors will receive a secret password to get a free frozen yogurt on a particular weekend.

$2500 – The Gusto management team will dress as the Anchorman news team and perform the song Afternoon Delight. Video will be shared with donors.

$10,000 – Owner, Nate, and Catering Manager, Ryan, will greet at Gusto’s front door while dressed as Gandalf and Frodo. . . during rush hour of course. Picture will be shared with donors.

$15,000 – Gusto owner, Nate, will recreate the iconic Burt Reynolds photo spread. . . you know which one we’re talking about. Picture will be shared with donors.

More milestones to be revealed once Gusto reaches their goal of $15,000. Gusto tells us they will be “epic”!

Gusto is also going to run from zombies while we Chayse the Dream. The zombie run is on October 24th in the amazing Guardian Center in Perry, GA. For more details visit https://zombierun.webconnex.com/ATL15R and join team, Live Life With Gusto or contact Boston@gustowoodfiregrill.com. Their goal is for every runner on our team to raise at least $100 to go to Operation Chayse the Dream. Runners will receive a special team t-shirt as a thank you.

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