Loco for Cocoa – 5 Great Spots to Indulge on National Cocoa Day

National Cocoa Day is the perfect excuse to relive your childhood memories. Whipped cream and marshmallows somehow taste better when it’s December. Here are some of our favorite cups – from the old reliable to something with a little more flair.

Cafe Intermezzo – Mexican Hot Chocolate:

You can’t ignore the 40 years of tradition at Cafe Intermezzo. It’s a hot cocoa wonderland with something for everyone. With their 7 different kinds of cocoa magic and they’re all delicious! (Yes, I’ve had them all!) My personal favorite is the Mexican Hot Chocolate with its touch of cinnamon. They’re all served in this giant cup that you kind of want to dive in after that first sip. Total bliss!

Octane Coffee – Classic House Blend: 

It’s the kind of hot cocoa that you still feel cool for ordering because Octane is for serious coffee drinkers. They don’t fool around. The hot cocoa here is the same. Straight up chocolate and steamed milk. The way it was intended. (This place also serves alcohol, so feel free to have a grown up version, if you know what I mean.)

Sun In My Belly – Imported Swiss Cocoa: 

This Kirkwood gem has everything you could want and then some. But the imported Swiss hot chocolate is the perfect addition to their brunch menu. Perfectly sweet and creamy and delicious. It goes great with the french toast!

Starbucks – Basic but Good:

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, but hear me out. It really is a good cup of hot cocoa. And they get points for being so easily accessible. Plus, you have so many options to make it your own cup of yummy-ness. Want vanilla? You got it. Soy milk? Done. Go crazy and add a shot of espresso or two. Customize it for whatever mood you’re in!

Cacao – Bean to Bar Goodness:

If you’re feeling fancy, this is the caviar of hot chocolates. Hand crafted chocolate bars melted down for a luxurious steaming cup of hot cocoa. Pinky’s up for this one.
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