Mara Davis on The Bert Show: “My favorite cheese dishes in Atlanta”

Mara’s segment on the Bert Show last week had us feeling cheesy AF.  Join Mara as she gives us the low down for all things cheese (and debates whether using ‘AF’ is relevant anymore). We’re talking cheese plates, cheese balls, cheesecakes…you name it and she’s recommending it!  WARNING: This post is not for the lactose intolerant.  

Atlanta Eats co-host Mara Davis.

“Over in Midtown a lot of people ask me where to go before the Fox Theater. Right around the corner is Ecco which is a great restaurant and they’re really known for their meats and cheeses. But the thing that you have to get when you go to Ecco, besides their cheese plate  – cause it’s good like, if you’re going to see something at the Fox, you want like kind of more of a nosh and if you’re with a group of people it’s a great place to get meat and cheese plates – but their fried goat cheese balls…They are spectacular. They melt in your mouth. They are sweet and salty and give it to me now. They are delicious AF.”

Mara goes on to tell us about more chees-licious spots like Nikolai’s Roof.

“If you want to get a little fancier, one place that you have seen on our show, Atlanta Eats is Nikolai’s Roof and they do an incredible cheese plate. But what they do is they have that cheese cart that they roll out to you so you can see all the cheeses to chose from. And for me the stinkier the better.”

She then tells us about the OG cheese plate location.

“Alright let’s move on to Krog Bar. Krog Bar is one of the original charcuterie plate places over in Inman park. It’s a really really fun spot and I really love it there and they have a variety of great meats and cheeses. CalyRoad Creamery in Sandy Springs and they make all their cheese homemade in there. This is a great local purveyor and I highly recommend you support these local places.”

For more chees-tastic places and dishes be sure to listen to the whole segment below:

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