Mara Davis Gives Staycation Plans on the Bert Show

french fries and steak at Tiny Lou's

The Steak Frites at Tiny Lou’s, part of the Clermont Lounge renovation.

Mara Davis joined the Bert Show to share some of her Georgia spots for when you and the family want to travel, but not super far. Here are some of her ideas for fun and unique staycations in Georgia!

“Here is a great getaway–have you guys been to the Hotel Clermont yet? So, I am here to tell you-and this is what kind of inspired this segment-it has one of the coolest rooftops in this city. I think to go there whether it is a staycation with a significant other or to go for a girl’s weekend for a bachelorette party. I think it is a great place to go because you are so close to Ponce City Market, you can go across the street to Java Jive for Brunch, or you can go to 8arm. You really get a flavor of Atlanta–you are right there on the Beltline. Tiny Lous is a restaurant that is in there. So, I would say I definitely recommend it out.”

“A lot of you may be going downtown to Mercedes Benz Stadium and I wanted to say for a staycation, there are so many great hotels down there, but you know you can do tours of the stadium, which I think is really neat. I think the kids would also like the College Football Hall of Fame, especially before the season begins.”

“The Hotel at Avalon-I think is a really fun place. There is South City Kitchen right there. If you are doing a girl’s trip, you can workout, there is a Flywheel nearby. You can go have lunch and there are lots of to do there.”

“The Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee- I think that’s great-Reynold’s Plantation. I think that’s a fun thing to do, but when you do go there, you have to go to Madison, Georgia. Madison is one of the coolest little towns. It is like an area that has been forgotten. Also, at the Ritz Carlton, they have great food and a really good spa.”

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