Mara Davis Plans Your First Date on The Bert Show

Great lanes and great food at The Painted Pin in Buckhead.

Mara Davis joined the Bert Show to share great spots where you can make the most of Atlanta and maybe impress your first date (or maybe take your spouse out so it feels like a first date again). Check out Mara’s recommendations below!

“So let’s start with game time, if you are into gaming I think there are a couple different things you can do that might be fun. There’s Orsby on the West side, they’ve got all the games there. There’s Topgolf with the two locations…There is Painted Pin [and] Painted Duck. You can do a little fun bowling. There’s Punchbowl Social which is over at the Battery which I think is really fun. They’ve got the bowling and games and like karaoke, and all of that.”

“So then we have the rooftops. The rooftop at Ponce City market the rooftop at the Claremont lounge. I think those are really great date nights…have you guys ever done the escape room?…I think that’s maybe a fun thing to do for an early first date because I think you get a level of tolerance between who you are dating as far as like the patience level, deductive reasoning skills… Well there is an Urban Escape.. Well there are several ones but that’s the one I’ll let you hear.”

“So how about going on a food adventure. Which is something I always want to do. I think a fun thing could be maybe go to the cafeteria at the Dekalb Farmers Market….Now there’s so many sights, sounds, smells, people watching- it’s really, really exciting. It’s a great place to get a snapshot of diversity in the city. And I think if you are a couple or dating someone who says “I’m a fooooooodddiieee,” this is a great place to go.”

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