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Mara Davis joins the Bert Show to Share Her List of Sweets You Can Enjoy With Your Sweetie

The tollhouse pie from Murphy’s

It’ll probably be tough to get a reservation this late on Valentine’s Day, but maybe you can sneak in for dessert (or pick up a little something to enjoy at home). Plus, there’s always another 364 days a year to split a sweet with your sweetie. Mara visited the Bert Show this week to give a list of some of her favorite sweets around Atlanta.

“We talked about this last week – if you don’t have your reservations…good luck with that. But I wanted to put on a show today – Sweets for the Sweet. Because I think Valentine’s Day can not only be a lover’s thing, but it can also be a gift to your girlfriend or whatever.

“OK, let’s start off with the chocolate. There’s Cacao, which is incredible – one of the premiere chocolate makers in Atlanta.”

“Diamond chocolate, chocolate croissant at The Little Tart Bakeshop. Oh my God, I Love little tart bakeshop – that is like pastry porn for me. It’s so great. Douceur de France in Roswell is one of the best French bakeries. They have so many great little items you can get. I actually think that’s a very romantic thing.”

“But here’s something really decadent for valentine’s day sweet for the sweet. Have you had a cake shake from Delia’s chicken sausage? They put the cupcake in the milkshake.”

“Now if you want some fancy desserts, Canoe does something great – they do a velvety popcorn sundae. Miller Union does an incredible ice cream sandwich – the flavors change all the time.”

“The tollhouse pie over at Murphy’s is great. It’s just like white chocolate, dark chocolate, walnuts, chocolate crust, vanilla ice cream – it’s like a chocolate chip cookie rolled into a pie form.”

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