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Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk Great Restaurants by the Atlanta Airport

The tacos at Ronaldo’s Resto Bar

Hapeville, College Park and East Point are Atlanta neighborhoods linked to the airport, but they have a scene all of their own. Mara recently joined the Bert Show to talk about some of her favorites on the South Side and about an Atlanta Eats shoot where Bert got a litlte tipsy on an empty stomach (sorry Bert!). Listen below or read some highlights from her appearance!

“It’s ATL Airport District restaurant week, and I want to highlight this because there’s some great areas – East Point, Hapeville, College Park – these are a lot of fun areas that go undercooked. So there’s a couple restaurants I want to highlight.”

“I love Radial, it’s an awesome funky spot. They have one in Candler Park, it’s terrific. Ronaldo’s is great, you’re gonna see that on the show. It’s a cute taco spot. I’ve talked about the Duck Club, which is a little speakeasy – you have to go there. Cause you don’t know if it’s the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, you don’t know what year it is, there’s no windows – it’s weird, it’s great.”

“I love the Corner Grille – Julian and Anette, they’re the sweetest people. This is what I”m talking about with the ATL Airport district – this is a real community. Chapman Soda Fountain and Pharmacy – it’s in downtown Hapeville and it’s a pharmacy, but they have an old-timey soda fountain.”

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