Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk Beer

There’s nothing better after a long day at work than sitting outside in the sun and sipping on a cold beer. Mara Davis joined the Bert Show this week to talk beer – specifically, bars with great beer selections and awesome, local breweries. Read the below for a preview and listen to the whole show by pressing play.

“Let’s talk about beer. I wanna bring up this new place – it’s Punch Bowl Social. It’s over next to SunTrust Park by the Battery. It’s a new concept that opened up here – it’s in a bunch of other cities. It’s part of these eater-tainment experiences. It’s super hip, they have a great beer selection – they have bowling, karaoke, virtual reality…It’s a great addition to that area.”

“The Sweetwater 420 – which is well known as one of Atlanta’s most popular beers. Their 420 fest is coming up, so don’t forget about that. It’s April 21st to the 22nd.”

“New Realm Brewing is right on the Belt Line. It has an incredible view, great beer that’s brewed right there and you’re overlooking the Belt Line. So, a lot of people like to walk the belt line and drink along the way – you can sit, you can drink, you can try all their different beers and they have pretty good food as well.”

“Torched Top in Midtown is a really fun one – that’s right near the Fox theatre so if you’re looking for a place to go beforehand, that’s great. I love the Wrecking Bar – they do their own beer and their food is outstanding. I love the Porter Beer Bar – that’s more a gastropub, whereas Wrecking Bar they brew their own beer.”

“5 Seasons Brewery – which is one of the originals in town. Chef Dave Larkworthy is one of the originals when it comes to farm to table…this guy really started before anybody. One on the West Side as well. If you don’t know that much about beer, beer guys and brewers want to talk to you about beer all day long. They’re the friendliest guys – and I know I’m stereotyping – but usually it’s a plaid or flannel shirt, a baseball cap and a beard…”

“Hop City – they’ve got the two locations…There’s one on the west side and one in Krog Street Market. This is the most incredible beer store….Kraig Tor is the owner, really knows his beer and he’s one of the great business stories of all time. He started the business with a passion for beer and now he’s tearing it up.”

“Truck and Tap – I love the concept of this. So Truck and Tap means they’ve got a free standing area with 20 different kinds of craft beers. They tie it in with food trucks and the food trucks are constantly rotating.”

“Hop Sticks – that’s in Chamblee. Chamblee is blowing up, you guys. There’s so many cool new restaurants over there. It’s really popping and Asian fusion brewpub is the kind of thing that’s only in Atlanta….you can have their craft brewery drinks and mix them up with sliders, noodles bowls.”

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