Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk Her Favorite Instagram Accounts, Moments and Dishes

The Burger at 8arm

Making food look good on Instagram? It ain’t as easy as you’d think. Mara Davis joined the Bert Show this week to provide some tips for those aspiring Insta-foodies, accounts to follow for those seeking out Insta food porn, and great places in Atlanta to get Insta-worthy shots.

“Good to see you guys. I actually customized a special segment for you all. I follow all of your social media so closely. I don’t know if you saw my tweet @maradavis a couple weeks ago. I had a curmudgeon moment. I would like to retire the words bae, friyay, framily and yaaaaaaassss.”

“There are some Instagrammers I really really love – of course, @Atlantaeatstv and of course me @maradavis2000. I love @yukilovesfood which is a dog – it’s a shiba inu and the photographer takes food centric photos all over town with the dog – I love it.”

“I think that Bon Ton Boil House (@bontonatlanta) does a great job on their Instagram. I dig the Hunger Diaries (@the_hunger_diaries). And for great cakes Amanda E Faber (@amandaefaber). She actually won the Great American Baking Show – the first season – and her cake photos are just out of control incredible.”

“Here are some great Instagrammable moments. Kristen and I have this thing for years and years and years about the Ice cream cone hands. If you do that, you can go to Queen of Cream and the Jackson Street Bridge which is a great place to take an Instagram photo. I think it’s such a classic, everyone loves taking a photo there. Please tag me in those.”

“The burger at 8arm near Ponce City Market, they have that signature pink sauce – it’s like a pink, purply sauce. Anything with color for Instagram is always a great thing. If it’s brown town, don’t post it – save it in drafts!”

“Doughnuts are always a great Instagram post. You cannot go wrong with a doughnut because they’re colorful, they’re delicious, they’re craveable – craveable may be a word I want to ban, too…So Revolution, Dutch Monkey, Sarah Doughnuts in Norcross, Bon Glaze they all have these just gorgeous doughnuts.”

For more great Instagrammable Atlanta locations, listen to the rest of the Mara’s segment on the Bert Show.

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