Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk Guacamole (and Avocado Toast, too)

The Guacamole at El Taco

Now that Atlanta has forecasts in the 70’s, restaurants all over the Metro area will be opening their porches. And we can’t think of a better porch food than guacamole! Mara visited the Bert Show recently to give a list of some of her favorite guacamole spots around Atlanta, plus a few avocado toast spots for the Millenials.

“I think one of the most underrated Mexican restaurants is Escorpion. They do amazing tacos, but their guacamole is you know, of course, the traditional avocado-onion-tomato-cilantro-lime – it’s just so classic but it’s got a lot of zing to it…It’s right near the Fox, a couple of blocks down….I get a lot of requests from people asking me where they should go eat before a show at the Fox Theatre.”

“Also love the Original El Taco. You’ve seen that on Atlanta Eats. Actually you’ve seen our episode of that – me spinning the wheel of Taco. Cause you know they do a thing once an hour where you win something – you win a cheese dip, or guacamole or whatever. So, that’s a great place for guacamole. They do a sampler tray – I like a sampler tray. I’m into that. But it’s so hard with this guacamole because by the time the food’s come you’ve like gored yourself.”

El Rey del Taco on Buford Highway – such creamy and chunky guacamole – and the right amount of cilantro, I think that’s really really important – getting that cilantro in there, cause that’s getting the zing.”

The Bone Garden is always one of my favorite places. This is a Mexican restaurant I always recommend because I love the day of the dead theme, I love their guacamole, I love their tacos, I love the whole vibe about it.”

“Did you want any mention of Avocado toast or is that a whole different segment? So….I wanted to mention a couple of them. Bread and Butterfly in Inman Park – when avocado toast comes with a runny egg, I get a little aroused…8Arm near the belt line does an incredible Avocado toast.”

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