Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk About Her Favorite New Restaurants

A sandwich from new Roswell BBQ spot, Meating Street

Mara does the research! So trust her when she gives her picks for her favorite new restaurants in Atlanta. She joined the Bert Show to give those pics, talk larb and more in this week’s Bert Show.

“This is what I do. It’s called research. I like finding these places…ok let’s get started. I’ve talked about Staplehouse before, which is probably one of Atlanta’s finest restaurants but I did have a chance to get back there because they brought back their tasting menu. A lot of you are foodies and you want to have that experience and I get a lot of that, but I did go there. And actually if you go through my Instagram @maradavis2000 you can scroll through some of the photos. It was the most exquisite meal, it’s so creative….BUT they do have a lounge called Paper Crane, which IS open…what’s new is they have a lounge upstairs, that’s no reservations that you can go in there and have a drink and have some small plates.”

“So that’s the super high end. The super really inexpensive place that I tried that absolutely blowed my mind in Doraville is next to the Super H Mart – it’s called Snack Box Bistro. And it is street food from Laos. So f you like Thai food or if you like Malaysian food, this is right up your alley. If you go to a Thai restaurant and get a larb or something like that you know this is a great spot. But it is so inexpensive, the portions are so huge – if you get the larb it is definitely enough for 3 or 4 people. It is so tasty, it is so spicy – your nose waters because it’s so spicy. Now I personally like that. They have a tofu salad that absolutely blows my mind. I just loved everybody in there…”

“I also had a chance to go to Meating Street BBQ and this is in Roswell. Now there are a lot of BBQ places that are popping up around town, but this place is really really special. They’re only open for lunch. Brian Keenan is a guy who was in the wine business for a long time and started making BBQ as a hobby and now he’s really taken it to the next level. I love a place that’s like – they have the BBQ, until it runs out. And for me, the highlight was definitely the turkey – the smoked turkey – because I think that’s a great measure of BBQ. Their turkey is thick cut, it’s juicy, it’s smoky – they put it on an H&F bun, it really is special….it really blew me away.”

The White Bull in Decatur
Recess in Krog Street Market
61 Main in Jasper
Cornerstone Cafe in Ellijay
The Good Word in Duluth
Mission + Market in Buckhead
Garden and Gun at the Battery
If you’re going to Shaky Knees, head to Bon Ton or JR Cricket’s nearby

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