Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk Passover and Easter Brunch

Matzoh Ball soup from The General Muir, available for order for Passover

It’s a time of reverence and reflection, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time for food while we’re reflecting. Mara Davis joined the Bert Show this week to talk Passover seder and Easter brunches, along with celebrating the passage of a bill in the GA Senate. Read below for a preview, then click play to hear more from Mara and the Bert Show.

“We have passover which is starting this weekend and most people are having their seders at home. There’s some places that are doing catering where you can pick up things.”

“I do like the General Muir. I think Alon’s does great stuff. Goldberg’s, Bagel Palace – they’re doing catering, if you want to pick up some stuff. But Passover is mostly home cooking.”

“Let’s move on to Easter, because I want to talk about quiche and pie! I got this great call from Belinda at the Southern Baked Pie company – they have two locations, one in Alpharetta and one in Buckhead…I thought it was so adorable that she sent me an email, that I went to go visit her. It is the cutest little place – they have these great pies and they also have quiche. And I think if you want to do an Easter brunch at your house, a quiche from there would be a great pickup or a pie.”

“Storico Fresco – they do these great Easter eggs and chocolate milk bunnies. Also Henri’s bakery and cafe – they’ve got a couple of locations and they do great as well.”

“Have you guys heard about the brunch bill? It is absolutely ridiculous when you go to brunch and you’re sitting there and grandma wants her Bloody Mary at 11:30, but grandma can’t get it till 12:30 because we have this ridiculous law – I don’t know why – but you can’t have alcohol until 12:30. And if you’re a restaurant and you can serve alcohol up until 12:30 you can make big time money. You’re losing tons of money by not making alcohol. GA House voted 97-64 to pass Senate bill 17 and it now goes to the Governor’s desk for his signature and it’s going to be voted on by the public.”

“Easter brunch – here’s where you can get in trouble. You’ve got to make your reservation TODAY. Fifth Group – they’re doing a lot. South City Kitchen, couple of locations – they’ve got a new one in Avalon…Hugo’s Oyster bar is doing the big Easter brunch. Everything you want – the beignets, the Benedicts – all that gluttonous stuff that you want. One Eared Stag is one of my favorite places for brunch. It is the underdog, they do a chef’s special, you never know what it is….”

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