Mara Davis Joins the Bert Show to Talk Atlanta’s Best Sandwiches

Is a hot dog a sandwich? What about a lobster roll? Mara joins the Bert Show team to debate this question, then gives her pics for best sandwiches in Atlanta. See below for a preview and click play to listen to the entire segment.

“My favorite sandwiches in town are definitely at Fred’s Meat and Bread. That is at Krog Street Market and they have another one at the Canteen in Midtown….The bread is so fresh…that Southern Club – I’ve talked about this sandwich on the show before. It’s the fried green tomato, and the pimento cheese and the bacon and the poblano pepper. I’m gonna name drop a little bit – when I interviewed Alton Brown (believe it or not, he’s a friend of mine) – but I interviewed him a couple of years ago and he said Fred’s Meat and Bread is the best Philly cheesesteak in the City.”

“A couple places for Banh Mih, which are great Vietnamese sandwiches – and I think some of the best sandwiches in town – are at Lee’s Bakery. Also at We Suki Suki in East Atlanta. You know Banh Mih is great value – it’s spicy pork and pickled carrots and they can do them a lot of different ways. And the Banh Mih is the bun – and that’s a case where it could be too bready, but if you go to Lee’s or We Suki Suki that bread is terrific.”

“Victory Sandwich – you guys have been there, it’s like hipster sandwiches, they’re four bucks. That’s what’s so great. They come with the jack and coke slushy. The Castro is one of the best Cuban Sandwiches…Cassie has been talking about Miso Izakaya, I know that’s one of her favorite places so I want to put down their pork belly buns. Pork buns, you know they’re white and squishy and they’re so delicious – but that is such a hip, cool place, I love that dish.”

“How about a Falafel or Shwarma – I consider that a sandwich because it comes in a pita. I love a shwarma or falafel…they basically, pile on the meat and it marinates for hours and hours and it’s so outrageously delicious where it just kind of melts in your mouth and gets kind of crunch on the burnt ends….Jerusalem Bakery is a great spot, they do amazing falafel. There’s two locations – one in Marietta and there’s also one in Alpharetta. Great spot. And their pita bread is some of the best pita bread in town. It’s so fresh, it’s so fluffy and you watch them make it. It’s really authentic, so I’m really into that.”

Hear about more sandwiches from Mara in the clip, including:
Wildflower – The Seinfeld
Alon’s Bakery – Lamb Sandwich
Loyal Q and Brew – Gamechanger Sandwich
Candler Park Market – The Cadillac

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