Mara Davis joins the Bert Show to discuss Mother’s Day Plans

The lobster with broccoli mouselline from Aria.

A jazz brunch? A meal and a movie? A high end dinner? How about some kitchen supplies and a cookbook? Mara, one of our favorite moms, joined the Bert Show to give some great ideas for Mother’s Day celebrations. Better start planning soon – there’s less than 5 days left!

“I’m a mom – so I have a curmudgeon moment about mother’s day about…having the stress of giving your mother a great meal….it always makes me laugh (and again, my husband says I’m like, so cynical and cranky, which…breaking news to everybody), but the work it takes to squeeze out a kid – it’s a lot of work. It’s not pretty. We all don’t look like Duchess Kate. I see that picture of Duchess Kate – you know she’s wearing a diaper. She may look great, but she’s got that mesh diaper on…don’t forget! So, you do all that work, and you get Eggs Benedict?! I just think there’s better things you can do for your mom for brunch.”

“At City Winery, you can do a jazz brunch. Cause I think if you want to celebrate mom, you can do it with Jazz and Blues, food and drink. And Julie Dexter is gonna be there. She sings jazz. I think that’ll be fun.”

“The next thing is brunch and a movie. Sometimes people want to spend more time with their mom. It’s not just like alright mom, here’s breakfast, we’re done, goodbye. Maybe you can go over to Phipps Plaza. You can go over to Public. It’s one of their new places there. It’s a great little tavern. They do great brunch there. And you can go see a movie in some of their comfortable chairs at Phipps.”

“Aria is normally closed on Sundays, they are doing a special dinner. I think THAT is better than just some poached. damn. eggs.”

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