Mara Davis joins the Bert Show to Share Her Valentine’s Day Recommendations

If you haven’t made plans for Valentine’s Day yet, you’re on the clock! Lucky for you, our own Mara Davis joined the Bert Show and gave some great recommendations for Vday spots. And if none of these are what you’re looking for, tweet @maradavis or message her on Instagram @maradavis2000 – just don’t wait until next week to do it!!!

“Please do not be tweeting me or emailing me next week saying “where do I go” because if you don’t make your reservations this week, you’re gonna be screwed.”

“I get this all the time and – curmudgeon moment – people, do not ask me for a cheap steakhouse. There is no inexpensive steakhouse. Stop saying you want steak. That’s on a lower budget….if you want to have an inexpensive steak dinner, go out to the store, buy a couple of steaks…put them on the grill.”

“I do have a couple restaurants recommended by Atlanta Eats and me that I do think you’ll like. If you want to go super super swanky fancy, you can go to Atlas in the St. Regis. This is like the super ritzy ritz – you never know what kind of celebrities you’re gonna see. Entrees are in the neighborhood of $25/$35/$40 dollars. They are gonna have a special “All You Need is Love” dessert with passionfruit, and chocolate and GANACHE.”

“If you like oysters – you know oysters is a super romantic thing people are really into it. At Drift Fish House, which you’ve seen on our show, they’re doing a special pre-fixe meal. That’s in East Cobb.”

“Escargot! Let’s talk about that. Petite Violette, which was formerly Petite Auberge – this is in Brookhaven. This is classic French food – so fun! If you want the Beef Wellington, you know the big beef in a pastry…they have the escargot, in case you were wondering.”

“If you want reservations for Valentine’s Day, you need to reach out to me THIS WEEK. Not next week.”

Mara also mentioned
Milton’s Cuisine and Cocktails
O-ku sushi
Kevin Rathbun Steak
Honey Pig
Better Half
South City Kitchen
El Taco
Alon’s Bakery
Bar Margot at the Four Seasons

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