Matching Best Drama Emmy Nominees with ATL Restaurants


It’s Emmy night in America, and there’s enough of you pop culture obsessives around the metro area who will be tuning in to see whether the Handmaids can win the Game of the Thrones or the Crown or…you get the idea. The awards got us thinking – if one of the Best Drama Nominees were a restaurant, which restaurant would they be? Our list below.

Major Craddock sure loves his brick pit chicken (even if he’s a robot).

Westworld – Old Brick Pit BBQ
There’s something appealingly old fashioned at the Old Brick Pit BBQ in Chamblee. The flavors are classic, and they – along with the decor – make customers feel like they’re traveling back to a simpler time. Kind of reads like a brochure for Westworld (only it’s just food – no sex and murder robots).

No, it’s not another touching moment. Randall just took a bite of that Shut the Cluck Up!

This Is Us – Hattie B’s
Have you ever watched an episode of This Is Us and NOT cried? Have you ever tried Hattie B’s Nashville hot chicken and NOT felt yourself tear up? You see where we are going with this.

Blessed Be the Fruit? Blessed Be the Fruit.

Handmaid’s Tale – Lotta Frutta
The “fruit” they talk about on Handmaid’s Tale, when they say “Blessed Be the Fruit” are fascist-patriarchy-raised babies. But have you tried the fruit cup at Lotta Frutta? Blessed Be the Fruit!!!

Shepherd’s Pie from Black Swan and Claire Foy as the Queen. Both majestic.

The Crown – The Black Swan
All of that royal family drama is SO compelling, you could just curl up with a beer and a Shepherd’s Pie and watch the back biting all day. Seriously, that’s like, all they do at The Black Swan and it is awesome!

Only when you’re old enough, kids.

Stranger Things – Little Trouble
The 80’s set, Atlanta-filmed show relishes in obsessive pop culture of the era, like the movie Big Trouble in Little China. Little Trouble relishes in that pop culture as well with their homage to the John Carpenter classic.

Winter is coming and with it….NIGHTLIFE!!!

Game of Thrones – Yebo Ski Haus
Everyone knows the anthem – Winter is Coming. At Yebo Ski Haus, winter is coming (well, from December to February)

McDonald’s is releasing a new line of wigs in commemoration of this scene.

The Americans – McDonald’s
If you watched the Americans, you’ll get this. If you haven’t watched the Americans, nyet so much.

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