Meat, Meat, GLORIOUS Meat!


It’s Meat Week here in Atlanta and we’re celebrating everything carnivorous. And who better to celebrate this with, than the fine BBQ joints we’ve got in town?!

So, what is Meat Week? It’s a celebration that begins the last week of January and last 8 glorious nights. Each night hordes of the hungry descend upon a different ‘cue joint and do what they do best: chow down. It was started in 2005 in Tallahassee, Florida by Chris Cantey and Erni Walker.

And this week, they are heading to some of our favorite spots in town, including Fox Bros., Sweet Auburn, Bone Lick and more. For a full schedule of events, go to https://www.meatweek.com/cities/atlanta. And to see how a few of those pit masters make magic, see the videos below.

 Fox Bros.

Bone Lick BBQ

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