Mountains of Meat and Japanese Pubs. How We’re World Cupping Today!

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Ok, don’t get us wrong, we like the World Cup. But what we really love is the food! With 32 nations competing to hoist the trophy, we can’t help but think of all the delicious cuisine their fans are eating at home while cheering them on. So, we wanted to get in on the tasty acton. Every day we will bring you  some of the Atlanta restaurants that are cooking up  the specialties of the competing nations. Dig in and enjoy the ride!

Saturday, June 14


The Match: Colombia vs. Greece

Where We’re Eating: Kiosco

From arepas to plantains, tamales to paella, Kiosco’s menu is stacked with Columbian dishes that you just don’t see every day. Owner Eddie Burmudez, a native Columbia and food aficionado, makes sure that each dish is prepared in a way that would make his grandmother proud. He also makes sure that each and every guest feels like family.

The Match: Uruguay vs. Costa Rica

Where We’re Eating: Saboras Del Plata

When you’re eating Uruguayan cuisine, make sure you wear loose fitting clothes. Why? Well, there is a dish at Soboras Del Plata called Parrillada del Plata. Which roughly translates to ‘OMG, it’s a mountain of meat!’. 



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The Match: England vs. Italy

Where We’re Eating: La Tavola

Sure, England has come a long way when it comes to cuisine. But when they’re going up against Italy, there’s no contest. We want some Italian, and we want it now. And when that craving hits, it’s to La Tavola we go.


The Match: Cote d’Ivoire vs. Japan

Where We’re Eating: Shoya Izakaya

Izakayas are the Japanese version of pubs. And if there’s any time to eat pub fare, it’s during the World Cup. At Shoya Izakaya the pub fare goes a bit beyond jalapeno poppers and chicken fingers. Oh no, at this pub you’ll be diving into sushi, yakatori and ramen. With a menu as thick as a phonebook, you’ll definitely find something, or about 100 somethings you’ll love.


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