Off the Menu- Justin Haynie

Justin Haynie, owner at Diesel Filling Station, parks himself in the hot-seat to answer Steak’s 8 off the menu questions.

1. If you could run a dive bar right on the beach anywhere in the world, where would it be, what would be your specialty and what’s the name?

St. George Island. I’d serve up fresh gulf caught fish, oysters, rum cocktails, etc. Using the diving symbol as inspiration, the name would be “DIVE Bar.”

2. The first sign that a table is going to be a stress to deal with is what?

When they ask: “Is this the entire menu?” My thoughts usually fall somewhere close to ‘no, we have a super-secret menu for everyone else.’

3. I did not eat dinner the night before, it is noon the next day, I am driving through Atlanta starving, where should my car be headed?

Nick’s Food to Go…no question. Great food, pricing & convenience… just make sure you get it “Nick’s Way”!!

4. Food/Restaurant TV show that I try not to miss other than Atlanta Eats…

I recently became intrigued by the new food truck competition… only watched an episode, I’m really more of a SyFy guy.

5. Flying away for a New York city tasting trip, what two local chefs are you bringing along for the ride and why?

Alex Brounstein from Grindhouse, he’s just too much fun to hang out with and Mike LaSage from Bone Lick BBQ for the same reason.

6. The three items I have to have in my kitchen or I will be doomed? (you pick home or restaurant or both).

1. Sharp knife…and I mean SHARP.

2. Heat- I prefer to be outdoors on the charcoal

3. Beverage- I’ve perfected the art of using a beer or glass of wine as a kitchen timer.

7. Atlanta’s best entree under $20

Mai Li’s basil duck

8. The best bite I ever ate

Imperial Fez circa 1998… my first meal in Atlanta, and it really changed my outlook.

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