A Whole Month of Risotto



Ok, who doesn’t love risotto? It’s creamy, it’s comforting, it’s amazing. The Ritz Carlton knows our love affair with this dish, so they are bringing it to us for an entire month. Each day in March, the chef will feature a different version of risotto made with  seasonal ingredients like octopus and morels. Each dish is only $16 and the menu is available in a edition to their regular menu Tuesday through Saturday. Check out the schedule below!

Tuesday, March 3: Calamari risotto with piment d’Espelette
Wednesday, March 4: Wild mushroom risotto with parsley and dry-aged parmesan
Thursday, March 5: Lobster risotto with brunoise of lemon and Sicilian olive oil
Friday, March 6: Zucchini pesto risotto
Saturday, March 7: Milanese risotto with gremolataTuesday, March 10: Smoked tomato risotto with shrimp and extra virgin olive oil
Wednesday, March 11: Cauliflower risotto with fried garlic and ricotta cheese
Thursday, March 12: Pear risotto with grappa and Robiola cheese
Friday March 13: Green and white asparagus risotto with mascarpone cheese
Saturday, March 14: Littleneck clams risotto with yuzu lemon

Tuesday, March 17: Corn and basil risotto with ricotta and mascarpone cheese
Wednesday, March 18: Artichoke risotto with goat cheese and paprika
Thursday, March 19: Black risotto with grilled baby octopus
Friday, March 20: Duck confit risotto and red wine sauce
Saturday, March 21: Scallop risotto with tarragon and citrus fruit

Tuesday, March 24: Carbonara-style risotto
Wednesday, March 25: Morel mushroom risotto with pecorino cheese
Thursday, March 26: Short rib risotto with black peppercorn
Friday, March 27: Fennel risotto with pickled carrot and chives
Saturday, March 28: Truffle risotto with dry-aged parmesan cheese

Tuesday March 31: Pea and mint risotto with hazelnut and extra virgin olive oil

Risotto Month will be offered in addition to the regular dinner menu at The Café for $16 per person. The nightly specials will take place from March 3 through 31, excluding Sundays and Mondays, when the restaurant is closed.

For reservations, please call 404.240.7035.


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