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The Best Atlanta Places For Fans To Watch (Your Team Here) in the NCAA Tournament

2020 may have been a tough year, but 2021 is lookin’ up! Your team is in the tourney, spring and summer weather is on the way and you might have a little more flexibility than ever before to hop on over to your favorite team bar and catch the first round. But if you’re not familiar with where to watch with like minded folks, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite team bars in Atlanta and the fans that flock there.

The House Burger from Millers Ale House.
Instagram @millersalehouse

Miller’s Ale House – Florida Gators
Where do Gators bake in the sun, roll around, show their bellies and chill out? Miller’s Ale House in Alpharetta is one place OTP that absolutely matches the description. With, wings, burgers, fajitas and tons of beer on tap, they’ve got great options for the biggest, hungriest gators in the swamp. Catch the Gators’ first round match-up with the Virginia Tech Hokies there – two teams who have faced adversity all season and are hungry for more!

The fried pickles from Hudson Grille.
Instagram @hudsongrille

Hudson Grille Midtown – UNC Tar Heels
With a rich history of college basketball, it only makes sense that Tar Heels would congregate at Hudson Grille in tony Midtown Atlanta. Once you’re inside, however, the confines aren’t Cameron Indoor Stadium, but they are cozy with UNC fans. Try the fried pickle, Korean BBQ Rice or their Lemon-aki maker’s mark BBQ wings when you’re watching the Tar Heels beat up the Badgers.

a burger from Whitehall tavern
Instagram @jfrink1

Whitehall Tavern – Clemson Tigers
When you’re watching the Tigers battle, head to Peachtree Battle and Whitehall Tavern. With tons of chip and dip choices – our favorite are the Blue Chips, house made potato chips with bleu cheese – you can share with friends and family while watching the game. They’ve also got incredible burgers with lots of protein options, including lamb, Beyond Burgers, and Bison – the perfect meal if they happen to play Colorado in the championship! Probably a good thing they don’t serve Clemson’s first round opponent, the Scarlet Knights.

Cheese curds from Murph's.
Instagram @eatatmurphs

Murph’s – Rutgers Scarlet Knights
Speaking of the Scarlet Knights, Murph’s at the Cobb Galleria is the place where the red men from the North – also known as New Jersey – congregate for games. The bar is actually owned by former Atlanta Braves great Dale Murphy, who you can often catch there during the baseball season and is always telling folks to try the Cheese Curds on social media.

The confit wings from Atkins Park.
Instagram @atkinspark

Atkins Park – LSU Tigers
Virginia Highlands is where to catch the Tigers from the lowlands of Baton Rogue! Atkins Park has one of Atlanta’s best highbrow bar menus with incredible options like Confit Wings, bacon wrapped dates, and Chicken and Dumplings. But the company is as low brow as you need it to be while you’re all screaming at the Tigers to chomp on the Bonnies.

Twisted Tavern – Oklahoma Sooners
At Buford’s Twisted Tavern, there’s something happening every night of the week – so Sooner or later, you’re going to have a great time. Oklahoma fans will find something they love across the whole menu, but our favorite are their starters. Beer Cheese Pretzels. Dirty Bird poutine. Southwestern Chicken Egg Rolls. Head there this Sunday and win or lose to Missouri, there will be no misery at Twisted Tavern.


Dumpster Fire – Loyola Chicago
A dumpster fire – the perfect place for Loyola fans to watch Georgia Tech destroy their hopes this weekend!

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