Your Night At The Fox Just Got a Lot Tastier

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Few things are most fun than frequenting Atlanta’s historic Fox Theatre. Going to see a performance at The “Fabulous Fox” is a full sensory experience, shouldn’t your pre-show meal be the same? Check out some of our favorite places that are right down the road. You’re going to want an encore, trust us.

Jersey Boys

Baraonda Italian Restaurant

Baraonda is our pre-show pick for some comforting and classic Italian. Diners rave about the homemade pastas, slow-simmered sauces, rich proteins, and wood oven pizzas. This place is the perfect spot for grabbing a drink or two before you head over to The Fox Theatre. Their bar program is stacked with some of the finest and rarest spirits you can find. Sip on a “Siciliano”, a cocktail made with bourbon, pistachio liqueur, and blood orange bitters. Let Baraonda be the beginning for a romantic date night or family outing. Don’t let your night stop there. Go and see Jersey Boys running until October 11th for a night celebrating all things Italian!


Mary Mac’s Tea Room

Mary Mac’s southern cuisine is a staple of Atlanta history. This long-standing landmark serves up some of the city’s best soul food. This place has everything: crispy fried chicken, indulgent macaroni and cheese, and spicy fried green tomatoes. Much like an opening act, the tea room offers patrons a small amuse bouche of collard greens that have been slow cooked in bacon and served with crispy corn bread to sop it all up. It is truly the stand out of the meal. Popular with the after-church crowd, Mary Mac’s Tea Room has been entertaining diners for generations. Grab a bite before seeing Festival of Praise gospel tour at The Fox Theatre on Saturday, October 17th at 8pm. You’ll need all the prayers you can get after digging in to one of Mary Mac’s sinful desserts.


The Vortex Bar and Grill 

The Vortex is the The Fabulous Fox’s biggest competition in terms of noise making on Peachtree St. The Vortex is a badass burger joint with some of the most creative and innovative sandwiches in town. The Rock and Roll attitude has seeped into the décor, the atmosphere, and most importantly the menu. The  Coronary Bypass Burger is made with 4 slices of white bread, one 8-ounce grilled sirloin patty,  10 slices of American cheese, 9 strips of bacon, one fried egg and 4-ounces of mayonnaise. It comes served with 5-ounces of french fries and 5-ounces of tater tots, all topped with 6-ounces of our Cheesy-Cheese Goo, but it is one of the most popular dishes in the city. Grab a beer and some friends and keep the party going’ down the street and see the B-52’s playing the Fox stage on Friday, October 30th at 8pm!


Make the month of October a memorable one and take in some of the best eats and entertainment our great city has to offer. Atlanta is so lucky to have such a booming nightlife and has become a cultural mecca for tourists and locals alike. Enjoy a night out the Atlanta Eats way!

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