Our Favorite ATL Junk Food Dishes on National Junk Food Day

Post by Jordan Shoulberg, Atlanta Eats Intern
Summer is the time to get in shape, show off your new beach body, and eat healthy right? Actually, no! This summer Atlanta Eats is forgetting about our summer abs, and reminding people to enjoy some of Atlanta’s coolest and most unique dishes in Atlanta. On July 21st, it is National Junk Food Day! Which luckily for all of us means National CHEAT DAY. And for those that oppose, just remember, it is a national holiday which means we simply must oblige. Four score and seven years ago, our founding fathers set forth on this great nation to make some good food. So do right by Washington and saccriFRIES your diet for one day of yum.

This National Junk Food Day Atlanta Eats is proving that your favorite junk food snacks can be transformed into mouth watering dishes. So prepare to stuff your face and get ready for a meal of a lifetime

the frito pie from fox bros bbq

1. Frito Pie From Fox Bro’s BBQ
Who ever said fritos did not make the perfect chili ingredient was seriously off-base. Warning if you are not ready for the amazing taste of salty Frito chips topped with barbeque pork and complemented by jalapenos, onions, and melted cheese – then unfortunately this is NACHO dish. Fox Bros has created this unique chili meal inside the frito bag itself. This is both instagrammable and deliciously edible. Perfect material for your cheat day.

the deep fried twinkies from Black Bear Tavern

2. Deep Fried Twinkies from Black Bear Tavern
“Twinkies, Twinkies, Little Star, how I wonder what you are…” Lucky for us this dish is not “above the world so high” but rather right in the heart of Atlanta. Black Bear Tavern has blessed our taste buds with this truly craveable treat. From the fried sponge cake crusting around the outside to the warm cream exploding from within, this dessert will make you want everyday to be your cheat day.

3. Tupelo Honey’s Take on Vanilla Wafers
Atlanta’s favorite Southern restaurant, Tupelo Honey, is joining National Junk Food Day with their two vanilla wafer dishes. We will start our meal with the savory taste of the Sweet Potato Banana Pancakes with Vanilla Wafers. However do not get too full because for dessert we will be relishing in the Heavenly Banana Pudding. This rich snack is also topped with some Vanilla Wafer crumbles. Together, or seperate, they are the perfect way to quench that sweet-tooth desire you have been craving all summer.

the funfetti funnel cake ice cream sandwich from American Cut

4. Funfetti Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwich from American Cut
You know and love Buckhead’s American Cut for its exceptional steakhouses dishes. From the fresh taste of their chili lobster to the lush flavors of their 28 day aged NY strip, American Cut has continued to set a the bar high for Buckhead restaurants. However this new dish has even the youngest foodies longing for reservations. American Cut has revealed a new off-menu dessert that features ice cream covered in our favorite childhood Funfetti sprinkles. But the FUN(fetti) does not end there because these sweets are then wedged between perfectly fried funnel cakes. We are drooling just thinking about it!

5. Sublime Doughnuts take on Chocolate Candy
We could not finish National Junk Food Day without a tasty doughnut option. Therefore, we took a visit to Sublime Doughnuts to see what treats they are serving up. Wow was it chocolate HEAVEN. The first doughnut utilizes everyone’s favorite childhood candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The perfectly balanced flavor of the chocolate frosting exposed to the peanut butter taste of the cups, is truly award winning. I DONUT know why anyone would pass up a trip on this insanely tasty classic. But just in case peanuts are not your thing, we also have a chocolate-y Nestle Crunch option. From a chocolate doughnut to little chocolate chips sprinkled on top, this dish puts Nestle chocolate to very good use.

So now that you know these junk food surprises you have absolutely no excuse to not indulge on July 21st. Atlanta Eats is prescribing each of you with a pass to have fun, relax, and totally pig out.


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