Peanut Butter Solutions for National Peanut Butter Day 2019


Whether you’re a kid looking for a snack, a dog taking its medicine, or you’re just pinching pennies, peanut butter is the perfect condiment to have a full jar of at all times.  But when great chefs use it to give their dishes that extra oomph, they elevate the ingredient to something extra special.  We’ve identified a few delicious dessert dishes for National Peanut Butter day (January 24th) that always bring something special every time we visit.

Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle from Folk Art

Credit: Folk Art

Peanut Butter and Banana Waffle at Folk Art

  While they have every savory Southern dish you’d want, their sweet side brings something special, too.  Specifically – we’re talking about the peanut butter and banana waffle.

Peanut Butter and oreo pie at Mary Mac's Tea Room

Credit: facebook.com/marymacstearoom

Mary Mac Tea Room’s and Revival’s Peanut Butter and Oreo Pie

You know it’s a great dish when two great Atlanta institutions are doing it – and doing it well.  At Mary Mac’s, you get history served up with your delicious Oreo crusted peanut butter dessert – each bite is like time traveling to grandma’s kitchen.  At Revival, you know you’re getting amazing southern dishes with a world class chef’s flare, thanks to owner Kevin Gillespie.  Whether it’s a contemporary or classic version of the pie that you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong with Mary Mac’s and Revival.

the Peanut butter cup doughnut at Scream'n nuts

Scream’n Nuts Peanut Butter Cup doughnut

What’s better than a doughnut?  How about a peanut butter filled doughnut.  What’s better than a peanut butter filled doughnut?  How about a peanut butter filled doughnut topped with peanut butter and chocolate icing and a Reese’s peanut butter cup wedge.  Every doughnut in this place is worth the trip up to Alpharetta.

Highland Bakery Peanut Butter French Toast

We’ve written about it before, but we have to include it in this list once again.  The classic breakfast dish gets that little extra oomph with the peanut butter crusted on the outside and in between each layer of delicious challah bread.  But then, of course, they top it off with bananas and a caramel syrup they fry up for each dish.  One of ATL’s best!

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