Platters of Sweets, Clams, and Bowling Alley Fare | Best Things We Ate This Week


At Atlanta Eats, we…well…eat. A lot. And each week, we’re sharing the dishes that stand out the most.

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Chicken Sandwich at Painted Pin

What happens when a restauranteur and advances sommelier, want to open a place to hang out? They open a bowling alley for grown ups! From the food to the drinks, everything is top notch. And the chicken sandwich? Well, when someone told me that this was better than Chick-Fil-A, I had to do a double take. Them’s fightin’ words right there. But then I took a bite, and another. And just like that, this is what I’ll be craving on Sundays.


Guacamole at BarTaco

It’s a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people. And the food? IT’s the real star of the show. The guac is everything that it should be; creamy, a little chunky and above all, fresh. It’s served with full tortillas fried up, that you can break apart into chips. Or just eat an entire tasty treat all at once, no judgement. It comes in a few different sizes. Our suggestion? Get the largest size and double the order.


Clams at The Bishop

Keep your mussels, I’ll take clams. The Bishop, in Avondale Estates is serving up North Carolina clams with a Sweetwater beer reduction, and spicy Andouille sausage. And of course there is griddled bread to dip it all in . Oh, and what I said about mussels?  Actually, no I’ll take both!


Pulled BBQ Chicken at Greater Good

Can you tell it was a sandwich kind of week? The smoked chicken at Greater Good in Buckhead satisfied a major craving for a pulled chicken sandwich this week.

GGChickenSandphoto 4

Dessert Platter at Hal’s

When Steak Shapiro goes for dessert, he goes all in. This dessert platter at Hal’s brought it all; cheesecake, chocolate cake, creme brulee.  Bathing suit season, what??





  1. Josh Rothburd:I'd vouch for the guac at Bartaco. It's as good as it gets!