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ATL Restaurant Recommendations: Bogdan Bogdanovich

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Atlanta Hawks this year, then you’re missing out on seeing the team’s new Serbian superstar, Bogdan Bogdanović. After three years in Sacramento, Bogie signed with the Hawks this past offseason and immediately began his search for some savory Southern Cooking.

We reached out to our friends at the Hawks to see if we could give Bogie a hand….and they, for whatever reason, got back to us? With actual answers from Bogie himself! What is Bogie looking for in Atlanta? Our Questions and his Answers below:

What’s your favorite meal of the day?
Brunch or Breakfast

What part of town do you want to explore?

What do you miss most from Serbia?
My mom’s kitchen and of course my family

What’s your favorite dessert or most indulgent snack?
Crepes with Nutella, bisquick and bananas

What’s more important to you? Date night, a night out with the guys or meeting people?
A night out with a lot of friends (when COVID is gone)!

With those answers in mind, we’ve hit the film room, made our picks and are going to roll with some suggestions for ATL’s favorite Serbian.

1. Joy Cafe
If Bogie loves breakfast and brunch, there’s no better spot in Atlanta than Joy Cafe. With an incredible chicken and waffles dish, pound cake French toast(!) and some of the fluffiest pancakes in the A, he’ll have all the delicious calories he needs for a game later that night. Plus, they’re in Midtown and close by the neighborhood Bogie wants to explore more, downtown ATL.

2. Cafe Intermezzo
If Bogie’s favorite dessert is Crepes, it doesn’t take a genius to recommend Cafe Intermezzo. They do a mouthwatering Nutella and banana crepe – not sure about the bisquick though. Plus, if Bogie’s into espresso, he’ll have a bevy of beverage options on his visit.

Groceries at European Gourmet foods/Bosnia Market in Lawrenceville.

3. Euro Gourmet Foods in Lawrenceville
If Bogie’s looking for a taste of home, he’s gotta head to Euro Gourmet Foods in Lawrenceville, GA. They’ve got the home cooked classics like Cevapi and crepes, but obviously not as well as your mother made them. Plus – they’ve got a grocery store with hard to find Balkan items, so if mom’s in town, maybe she can do the cooking at your place.

Skylounge at Glenn Hotel rooftop

4. Skylounge Glenn Hotel
The Glenn Hotel is right by State Farm Arena, so if Bogie hasn’t been there yet, he should head there asap (as soon as they clinch their playoff spot). It’s the best view of the Atlanta skyline and you’ll get the full vista of downtown Atlanta. No Rakija in the liquor selection, but they’ve got a great list of spirit options nonetheless.

The louwill lemon pepper bbq wings from Magic City.
Twitter – @zsoskin

5. Magic City
I’m sure Bogie has already been or at least has been offered an opportunity to go, but now that Lou Williams is on the team, he HAS to try the Lou Will lemon peppers, right?

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