#Relentless Braves – The Braves Pick Their Favorite Restaurants + 5 Great Battery Bites

The regular season just ended for the best Braves team we’ve seen in over a decade. The team is so energetic, exciting and fun to watch, the only word to describe them is #relentless. We got to visit the team recently and asked a few of the players about their favorite spots to grab a bite. Plus, with our favorite #relentless players in mind, we’ve picked 5 spots at the Battery to get your pre-game on.
Sorrento Lemon from Gio's Chicken
Gio’s Sicilian Cucina/Antico
People all around the country know that the best slice of pizza in Atlanta comes from Antico. Owner Giovanni DiPalma has perfected the Neapolitan pie at his Little Italy complex on the West Side. And it looks like a second Little Italy is opening up at the Battery, with the new Gio’s Sicilian Cucina. Featuring Gio’s famous chicken piccata and other delicious Italian dishes, anything from this restaurant group is well-known and reliable.


Braves Equivalent – Freddie Freeman
Freddie is the guy every visiting team says hello to when they walk to first base (assuming Soroka isn’t pitching, then they don’t get to first very often). The most well-known and reliable guy on the Braves.

El Super Pan
Chef Hector Santiago brings the flavors, fire and flair of his home island of Puerto Rico with every appetizing bite and tasty sandwich on his menu. Whether it’s the Cuban pressed sandwich, the Media Noche or delicious tostones, the flavors of the Caribbean are in every bite. Plus – he’s a former James Beard nominee and has worked with inspiring chefs like Jose Andres and Wylie Dufresne.


Braves Equivalent – Ronald Acuna
Flavor, fire and flair from Latin America? Ronald Acuna is the only answer here. Plus – he’s going to win awards over the next 10 years of his Braves career. (Can you believe we have him for 10 years?!)

Punch Bowl Social
A place that combines all kinds of activities, impressive cocktails and appetizing dishes, Punch Bowl Social is a great spot to hang before the Braves game. Whether you’re playing corn hole, singing karaoke, bowling or playing games, there’s always something fun going on at Punch Bowl Social. Hot tip – order the Green chorizo fries, you won’t regret it.


Braves Equivalent – Josh Donaldson
Simply put, the man loves to bowl. His charity event is a bowling event and check out what he did for his 30th birthday. Also, we love you Josh Donaldson please stick around.

Goldberg’s Deli
The coolest Goldberg’s Deli in Atlanta is at the Battery. What other Goldberg’s features an outdoor bar? But inside, the food’s as good as ever. Whether you’re digging in for a big breakfast before an early start or trying their delicious brisket (speaking of, Happy High Holidays to our Jewish friends out there), Goldberg’s delivers.

Goldberg's French Toast Sandwich

Braves Equivalent – Nick Markakis
Both Nick and Goldberg’s are from the ATL suburbs. And both are pretty reliable no matter what location you’re at (Nick’s career OPS at home .772, on the road .791).

Live at the Battery – Sports and Social
If you’re looking for excitement at the Battery, you start at Live at the Battery. With the largest screen in the Southeastern United States, a friendly staff that’s just as into the game as you are, dozens of beer options and a great cocktail menu, along with mouth watering bar bites, Live at the Battery has it all.


Braves Equivalent – Ozzie Albies
Is there a more exciting player in baseball than Ozzie Albies? With his mix of speed, defense and hitting ability – plus the drama of the helmet flying off his head – Ozzie is worth the price of admission.

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