Sangri-Navidad : A Recipe for National Sangria Day

The guns and roses sangria at Barcelona Wine Bar
At first you’re probably like, wait – isn’t sangria for the summertime? Maybe. But National Sangria Day is December 30th! It’s the simple way to spice up any party and thus makes total sense for the holiday season! Think about it, various ingredients, large bowl, dump, and serve. Way easier than holiday cookies and it’ll keep your guest distracted as the turkey or ham finishes up!

I’m going to make theĀ Guns & Roses sangria from one of our favorite spots, Barcelona Wine Bar. Using Lillet Rose, a wine-based aperitif and Sao Joao Rose Sparkling, this refreshing sangria ends with a light effervescence and fruity finish.


Lillet Rose
Sao Joao Rose Sparkling
Grapefruit Bitters
Peach Nectar
Lemon Juice
Simple Syrup

We headed to the liquor store and grabbed most of the ingredients above. Peach nectar was hard to find so we swapped that out for frozen peaches for the flavor and a nice garnish!

No measurements and no guidelines might sound scary, but really when making a large portion drink like this, you have a lot more wiggle room to let it taste how you want to. You can watch us do it here:

Hannah and I started by adding the entire bottle of sparkling wine, (because you can’t save the bubbles!), and then added half the bottle of aperitif wine since it’s a little on the sweet side but offers the taste of rose and winter berries. Then we added the grapefruit bitters and vodka “to taste”. Meaning a little as you go, try it and decide if it needs more of anything. Then to finish it off we added the simple syrup to help round out the taste without diluting the flavors.

The end result? A delicious yet super simple sangria that took us literal seconds to make. This ‘recipe’ is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any party and is easily adjustable. Make it sweeter, or stronger. Use raspberries and strawberries instead of peaches. Make it your own!

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