The School Your Kids will Love!

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Is your child an aspiring little chef who loves to whisk, stir, and bake? Or, does your teen enjoy creating meals for the whole family, but they’re now ready to expand their culinary horizons? If so, you should definitely take a look at the many cooking classes available right here in Atlanta that are geared towards children and teens.

After doing a little research, I was amazed at all the fantastic classes offered at many of the stores I frequent on a regular basis. Check out my list below, I’ve highlighted a few of the cooking classes available for children and teens in the next few weeks:

  • The Viking Cooking School of Atlanta – You can sign up just your child or the whole family for cooking classes at The Viking Cooking School of Atlanta. Classes are themed and topics include Teens Italian Cuisine, Family Night: Steak and Bake, Pizza Workshop for Families and Teens, and One-Day Culinary Basic. Classes fill up early, so be sure to sign up in advance at www.vikingtogo.com.
  • Salud! Cooking School at Harry’s Alpharetta and Whole Foods Market Johns Creek – The Salud! Cooking School at both locations offers a multitude of fabulous classes for children and teens that range from Basics of Baking to Parisian Bistro Food. There’s even an upcoming Edible Valentine Class in which children make Chocolate Truffles, Frosted Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies, and Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes. YUM!!! To sign up for classes through Salud! visit www.wholefoodsmarket.com and click on the store of your choice.
  • Cooks Warehouse – If you’re like me, you could spend HOURS just browsing in Cooks Warehouse. Well, the good news is they offer cooking classes for both children and teens – the great news, you can shop while your child’s busy learning! With upcoming hands on classes such as Valentine’s Day Baking for Kids, Party Foods for Teens, and Cake Decorating for Teens, you’re sure to find a class your little epicurean will love! The list of classes for Cooks Warehouse can be found at www.cookswarehouse.com.
  • Publix Cooking School of Alpharetta – The Publix Cooking School of Alpharetta also offers classes for both children and teens. In the upcoming weeks, they’ll be offering a Sweet Memories class for kids in which the parent attends with the child and together you make “no bake” recipes that are both delicious and child-friendly (no chopping or dicing!). And, for teens, there’s a Cooking Through the Far East class in which favorite recipes like Red Curry Chicken and Vegetables, Singapore Street Noodles, California Sushi Roll, and Coconut Sticky Rice Fritters are shared. You can sign up for the Publix Cooking School of Alpharetta at www.publix.com and click on the Alpharetta Commons location for the list of classes.

As you can see, no matter what your child’s taste, there’s a cooking class available that’s tailored to their interests. And, gift certificates for cooking classes always make great birthday and holiday gifts for the tiny foodie on your list! Enjoy!


  1. Linda Green:Teaching children how to cook includes all aspects of learning like healthy food and healthy living, reading and comprehension, math and fractions, and much fun and much more.
  2. Kelly:What a useful experience for all age children to have with a cooking class! Cooking builds independence, self-sufficiency , and confidence. As my friend who cooks like no other says"Cooking is love". Sign me up!