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Our Comprehensive SEC College Town Dining Guide

“It just means more.” That’s the motto of SEC football, but this mantra goes far beyond what happens on the turf. SEC fans argue about a lot, but we all agree that is that there’s no greater day than a Saturday in the fall. You’re enjoying an ice cold beer, crisp weather, and are feeling both nervous and euphoric. And hungry.

There are 14 SEC towns and 14 fanbases who would make the argument that their food scene reigns supreme (and hey, Vanderbilt fans need a win at some point). But which is the best? A po’ boy from Baton Rouge, LA? A cinnamon roll from Columbia, SC? A rack of ribs from Nashville, TN?

We spent our summer researching hundreds of restaurants around the southeast (we needed something to do in the offseason!) and created the most comprehensive list of the best restaurants in every single SEC town.

You may be a college student, a townie, a season ticket holder, or one of the hundreds of thousands of fans invading enemy territory to see an away game, but chances are you’re ready to grab something to eat. 

Chicken cuban with maduros | Cali N Tito’s, Athens, GA

That’s where our list of The Best Restaurants in the SEC becomes your best friend.

Whether you root for the Dawgs, the Tigers, the Volunteers, or whoever else completes your gameday, check out our extensive list. 

Warning: the following content may cause you to drool.

Check out our round-up of the best restaurant in each SEC town.

Click below for each school’s restaurant list, divided by division:



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