Six Scrumptious Sandwiches to Eat for Breakfast in Atlanta

*The below is written by Olivia Arnold aka Foodistagirl – @foodistagirl*

Last Updated- July 18, 2019

Atlanta has a rapidly growing breakfast scene, and I have had some crazy awesome breakfast sandwiches recently. Ranging from healthy to very, very unhealthy, here are some of my favorites! There are a lot more out there, so I encourage you to try these out and then let me know some of your other top picks.

The Gourmet Biscuit Sandwich: Holler & Dash (West Midtown)

“Pork Rambler and Kickback Chicken” Photo credit: Olivia Arnold

The newcomer on the scene, Holler & Dash Biscuit House just opened its doors in August in the Westside Provisions shopping center. Offering a range of creative biscuits, this new joint brings a trendy twist to the southern classic biscuit. Their melt-in-your-mouth biscuits are made fresh daily and are topped with savory or sweet local ingredients. Try the “Pork Rambler” biscuit, which is topped with fried onion straws, blackberry butter, and tasty fried pork tenderloin. Or, order the “Kickback Chicken” biscuit, which features crispy fried chicken, goat cheese, green onions, and sweet pepper jelly that adds a little kick of spice to each bite. This place prioritizes breakfast and brunch over all else (it is not even open for dinner!).

The Open Face Sandwich: Bread & Butterfly (Inman Park)

“Soft Scrambled Eggs and Cold Smoked Trout” Photo credit: Olivia Arnold

This adorable restaurant nestled in Inman Park’s Inman Quarter is a favorite of mine for a relaxed weekend brunch. Bread & Butterfly has a French café vibe and food that is as beautiful as it is tasty. Order the open faced “Soft Scrambled Eggs & Cold Smoked Trout” sandwich, which is stacked with perfectly seasoned, creamy scrambled eggs, sliced smoked trout, crème fraiche, and capers – a complex, delicious flavor combination. Insider’s tip: order the tomato soup with your sandwich. It comes with a puffy pastry top that is really photogenic and fun to peel open!

The Early Morning Sandwich: 8Arm (Virginia-Highland)

“Egg McMuff” Photo Credit: Olivia Arnold

Local neighborhood staple 8Arm has a simple, classic breakfast sandwich that is my default when I am up early on the weekend. The 8Arm vibe is quirky and chill, and the entire restaurant is bathed in fresh, bright light. Order the “Egg McMuff” sandwich with sausage, egg, and cheddar cheese sandwich with avocado (it’s healthy!), which comes on an English muffin. The scrambled egg is soft and deliciously seasoned, and the egg-sausage-cheddar-avocado flavor and texture combination is simple yet so perfect. It is the ideal way to start off an early morning before jumping into the day.

The Crepe Sandwich: Crepe Masters (Grant Park Farmers Market & Other Locations)

“Poutine Crepe” Photo Credit: Olivia Arnold

On Sundays, Grant Park Farmers Market hosts Crepe Masters, a delightful breakfast crepe stand that makes crepes fresh to order. This crepe stand serves both sweet and savory crepe options.  My favorite is the special “Poutine Crepe,” which is stuffed with hash browns, egg, and, of course, a lot of cheese. These ingredients melt together to create a savory combination that can alleviate any hangover. Plus, these crepe makers are really fun to watch in action! Catch this crepe pop-up at various farmers markets throughout Atlanta.

The Healthy Sandwich: Upbeet (West Midtown)

“Labne Long Time” Photo Credit: Olivia Arnold

I eat a lot of avocado toast for two reasons: i) it’s healthy, ii) it’s really pretty (i.e. it photographs well), iii) good fat is a thing, right? Regardless, one of my favorite breakfast avocado toast experiences was at Upbeet, another new addition to the Westside. Even better than the avocado toast is the “Labne Long Time” toast. This healthy slab is covered with refreshing labne, a creamy yogurt-like cheese, cherry tomatoes, pesto, olive oil, and sea salt. It is a healthy, tasty way to start the day. Also, Upbeet offers delectable grain and smoothie bowls that remind me of New York’s fast casual healthy food scene, and they also serve up a mean healthy and hearty avocado toast. Lines are long, but the wait is completely worth the while for this savory open-faced beauty. Upbeet is my new favorite healthy restaurant in the city – for all meals including breakfast.

The Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich: Lovies BBQ (Buckhead)

“Chicken Tender Biscuit” Photo Credit: Olivia Arnold

Skip the fast-food chains and head over to Lovies BBQ as you enter or exit Buckhead in the morning. Lovies BBQ has the perfect classic chicken biscuit with crispy fried chicken sandwiched between two mouth-watering buttered biscuit halves. Add sausage gravy to your “Chicken Tender Biscuit,” and I guarantee you will devour this buttery stack in three bites (maybe two). Or, try a signature biscuit like the “Brisket Biscuit,” which also includes bacon, egg, and au jus. Check this place out at night, too. Their barbecue platters are worth a visit (their ribs in particular!).

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