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Breakfast and Brunch Dishes To Start 2017 With

It’s kinda obvious that Atlanta LOVES its breakfast and brunches. Whether it’s Wednesday at 8AM, 1PM on a Sunday or a 2AM meal on a Saturday night, we commit 1000%! These are 7 Southern plates you have to try immediately!

Comfy Chicken Biscuit from Home Grown (Breakfast menu, served all day): We’ve all been there…you drank a bit too much bourbon the night before and you wake up with your body screaming foul. When that happens, we head straight to Memorial Drive for our fix. We walk in and head straight to the counter, order a strong cup of coffee & the Comfy Chicken Biscuit. This plate isn’t particularly photogenic, but at the same time, it will be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen after you’ve taken a bite. A made from scratch buttermilk biscuit is topped with fried chicken and a whole mess of sausage gravy that will cure the worst of hangovers!

Photo credit: Home Grown

Brisket Breakfast from Ria’s Bluebird (Brunch menu, served all day): The Angus beef in this bad boy is roasted for 14 hours and shredded in a spicy tomato broth, accompanied with two poached eggs. Served with a toasted baguette to sop up all the deliciousness, you’ll savor over every single bite.

Ham & Egg Biscuit with Grits from Red Eyed Mule (Breakfast menu): Ham, biscuits and grits…there isn’t much more of a southern breakfast! This Marietta spot is famous for their burger (Alton Brown is fan!), but definitely stop by and try this beauty in them morning. A fluffy biscuit with salty ham, airy eggs and a side of butter grits it a great start to your day!

Photo Credit: Red Eyed Mule Facebook

Chicken and Waffles from South City Kitchen Buckhead (Brunch menu): Okay, so chicken and waffles are not technically a Southern dish (seriously, look it up!), but that doesn’t mean we haven’t welcomed it down South! After all, it has fried chicken, a southern staple. When the chicken and waffles mood hits us, we head straight to South City Kitchen. Springer Mountain Farms chicken is fried to perfection and sits atop a malted buttermilk waffle, served with Vermont maple syrup. Talk about tasty!

Scattered, Smothered and Covered from Waffle House (Full menu, served all day and night): Y’all know we couldn’t write this list without including some WaHo! The beacon of light for late night revelers and early birds alike, this big yellow sign draws us all in at one time or another. And while the name says we should order the waffle, really it’s all about the hash browns. Scattered. Smothered. Covered. Chunked. Whatever floats your boat!

Photo Credit: Waffle House  

Chicken Biscuit with Pepper Jelly from Buttermilk Kitchen (Breakfast menu): If you’ve ever been driving down Roswell Road on a weekend morning and noticed a line coming out of a small building, it’s not because Beyonce isn’t in town. People are lining up at Buttermilk Kitchen! And what are they drooling for? The beauty below! Served on a fluffy biscuit with homemade pickles & roasted red pepper jelly, you’ll salivate just smelling this one.

Photo Credit: Buttermilk Kitchen 

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