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Spending the 4th With Kevin Gillespie at Terminus City




Over the weekend, Kevin Gillespie turned his acclaimed restaurant Gunshow into a BBQ joint that would make any southerner proud. Using July 4th & 5th as an opportunity to preview the soon to open (but not soon enough!), Terminus City, he went back to an old-school way of doing things.

Terminus City combined the tradition of whole hog BBQ with a Southern meat and three. Low and slow; that was the motto of the weekend. After a 4AM start Friday morning, and several hours of cooking later, they opened their doors to a long line at Noon on Friday. After only 3 hours, they were out. Learning their lesson, the next day lasted much longer, to the relief of the rumbling bellies all over the city.

Three plates were available for dine-in; chopped pork with brunswick stew, Wagyu country fried steak, and smoked oyster mushrooms. All were served with bottomless sides. Those sides included Gillespie’s smoky cornbread, creamed corn with bacon, spicy stewed tomatoes and some very addicting fried okra with mustard sauce.

For dessert, there were two options; a warm banana pudding and fried peach pies made with Pearson’s peaches.  And to wash it all down with, Red Brick Brewery collaborated with the chefs of Gunshow to create Hoppy Birthday AmericAle, a hefeweizen dry hopped with peaches.

If you missed out on the BBQ that made our taste buds sing the national anthem, not to worry! They are taking catering orders until Terminus City is up and running next Spring. Just call Gunshow’s General Manager for the details.

Scroll through the pictures below :

  • The eager wait for the food was made easier with a Red Brick Hoppy Birthday AmericAle, brewed especially for the occasion.
  • Skillet cornbread that was full of delicious, porky flavor started the meal. Our kind of bread service!
  • Here piggy, piggy...
  • The smoker that was used was given to Terminus City by South Carolina BBQ King Rodney Scott.
  • Smoked Oyster Mushrooms with a sprinkling of BBQ chips. The sides from left to right: coleslaw, mac 'n cheese, stewed tomatoes and fried okra.
  • Wagyu country fried steak. The sides remained the same as the oyster mushroom plate, except with the tomatoes switched out for creamed corn loaded with bacon.
  • Another sexy shot of the country fried steak.
  • The chopped pork plate with Brunswick stew. Drizzled with the vinegar based BBQ sauce, this plate made us start a mental countdown for the opening of Terminus City.
  • Fried okra with mustard sauce. Still thinking about these....
  • A fried peach pie, made with Pearson's peaches, to end the meal.
  • Terminus City is look at a Spring 2015 opening at a still unknown location. It can't come soon enough.
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