Split These Dishes on National Eat With a Friend Day

We don’t just go to restaurants to eat – we go to share experiences with friends and family too. That’s why we’re celebrating National Eat With a Friend Day by giving 5 of our favorite dishes to split. So call up your buddy, tell them to set aside a couple of hours on Sunday and head to one of these spots to split a dish.

Lucky's Burger Challenge
Lucky’s Burgers and Brews Burger Challenge
A four pound all-beef patty. A pound of bacon. Six fried eggs. A whole order of fried onion rings. Stacked and layered in a specially made bun. Maybe invite more than one friend for this one.

triple bypass fries at smokejack
Smokejack Triple Bypass Fries
Bacon, Queso, Cheddar Jack Cheese, SJ House BBQ, Sour Cream and scallions. You can top it with pork, brisket or chili!

a variety of tacos from taco cantina
Taco Cantina Tacos
Order up a tray of one of each of their tacos (there’s 13 different types), then go to town with a friend (or two). With locations in Smyrna and Old Fourth Ward, you can pick the best spot and meet halfway.

pimento cheese dip at mccrays tavern
McCray’s Pimento Cheese Dip
Pimento Cheese – the perfect southern appetizer. They’ve turned it into a delicious dip at McCray’s tavern. Bring a yankee friend and show them something new.

Fried Elvis Sunday at Takorea
The Fried Elvis Sundae at Takorea
Be the Colonel Tom in your Elvis’ life – take them to Takorea for the Fried Elvis Sundae. Tempura Bananas and a Cinnamon Tortilla topped with peanut butter ice cream. Fit for The King.

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