Mouth Watering Steaks And Seafood To Kick Off Your Labor Day

*The below is written by Terry Smith, Owner of Mobile Meat & Seafood*

Celebrate the return of football season with Mobile Meat and Seafood. Their “Get in my Belly Labor Day Weekend/Football Kickoff” is a good excuse to pull out all the stops on your backyard cookout. Not like we really need an excuse to grill…

Mobile Meat and Seafood uses only the best USDA Midwestern aged beef available, and you can have access to the same cuts that they supply to the finest steakhouses in Atlanta.

Here are our top 3 Labor Day grilling must-haves:

#1: Wagyu Burgers

You can never go wrong with our thick Wagyu burgers 🍔 grilled to perfection!  The superior marbling, tenderness, and flavor of the Wagyu beef will have your guests wanting more. The burgers come packed and ready to cook.

#2: Steakhouse Kabobs

Steakhouse Kabobs using our tenderloin tips – instead of sirloin – with a marinade of Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and mustard. This delivers a tasty and robust steak-on-a-stick experience when combined with cubes of red onions and crimini mushrooms. Kabobs are easy to share and always a big hit for the holiday!

#3 New York Strip Steak

The good old fashioned center cut New York Strip Steak! This tender, flavorful, and easy to grill strip steak comes in 10, 12, and 16 oz portions. We suggest just a little extra virgin olive oil with Montreal steak seasoning or sea salt and pepper to finish the grilling experience. You don’t want to ruin a good steak with a lot of marinating. Always a fan favorite!

You can find these products along with all of our other outstanding meat and seafood products at mobilemeatandseafood.com, give us a call at 770-873-2733, or email terry@mobilemeatandseafood.com. Schedule your free delivery with us now, just in time for the Labor Day weekend!

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