Steak Tips: Where to Dine in NOLA for the Super Bowl

There are certain absolutes in the world,  martinis need to be ice cold, there is no such thing as a great hamburger served well done, and the best place on earth to host a major sporting events is New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s all right there, walking distance to the stadium: perfect party atmosphere, music that resonates throughout the town, and the best place for food and drink on Planet Earth. Even though I am heartbroken over the loss of both the Falcons and Patriots in their respective title games, I am still living vicariously in the Big Easy.

Want to know where I would be if I was, indeed, in the middle of the craziness? Here is my quick guide to New Orleans from a guy that went to school there (Tulane), named his daughter after it (Nola), and lives and breathes this city.  Enjoy….