Steak’s 7 Things I’m Sure of This Week

Steak Shapiro brings you the…

7 Things I Am Sure of This Week:

1. That the garlic rolls at Ippolito’s are considerably more dangerous and more addictive than the dude peddling heroin in Downtown Atlanta. See the secret recipe here: 

2.  That Atlanta Eats Radio will be as entertaining two hours of radio as you have heard in a long time in this town.  Listen to WGST 640AM starting this Saturday morning from 11 to 1 and hear host Mara Davis bring a full arsenal of great food talk, amazing chefs and killer music to go with it.  I have seen this girl’s outline for first few shows and trust me, she is bringing huge game!!

3. The diversity of restaurants for Taste of Atlanta October 25th-27th is by far the most impressive in history.  Don’t eat the day before because these 90 restaurants is literally a food lover’s paradise.

4.  I am going to go into a serious depression when Breaking Bad officially ends in two weeks.  It is not possible to have a more compelling final season for a program, the term “sitting on the edge of your seat” is the definition of this Sunday night hour.

Atlanta Eats | Breaking Bad

5.  If you haven’t had a drink at the River Bar at Canoe you are missing one of the great cocktail opportunities in Atlanta.  They built it a few years ago and has made the spot more approachable and just plain cooler…..Every Wednesday night check out their Song of the South music series, drinks, Fall weather, appetizers, music, can you say No Brainer.

6.  The reason that pre season NFL prognostications are worth less than a Krystal slider is cause you can never predict what injuries are coming and to what players.  See Atlanta Falcons 2013, Bierman, Jackson, Bradie Ewing, Roddy’s ankle, Weatherspoon etc…. Oy vey!!!

7.  There may not be a better place to dine out this Fall than Canton road in Roswell.  Can’t go wrong with the house burger at Salt Factory pub and check out their brand new location in Alpharetta coming in February complete with a bocce ball court, the same great menu and vibe all located on South Main street.


  1. Cajun Mike:Talk about yummy! Tigers chew on Dogs.....