Steak’s 7 Things I’m Sure of This Week

It’s finally here, one of the most exciting food events in Atlanta history.  We picked 30 of our favorite spots, all featured on Atlanta Eats, convinced them that a night of rock n roll, great charity, amazing food and cocktails at an incredible venue was something they had to be a part of.  Thus, Atlanta Eats Live was born and in honor of this fabulous event I bring you a variation of my 7 Things I am Sure of and instead give you my 7 Dishes I am most Excited about for This Weekend at Atlanta Eats Live:


1. The Italian Hero from No. 246 in Decatur.  One of the city’s most delicious Italian restaurants with a classic sandwich.

2. Brisket Tacos from Nuevo Laredo Cantina, this is the end all be all of delicious Mexican and I love me some brisket tacos…..

3. Seafood Surprise from The Optimist, not sure what it is going to be but seeing as it is The Optimist, probably will be a home run.

4. Orecchiette Pasta with Pine Street Sausage, Broccoli Raab and Calabrian Chiles from the outstanding Little Alley Steak on Canton Street in Decatur.

5. Turkey Steak Kabob from the Indian restaurant that is teaching Atlanta about great Indian food Bhojanic in Buckhead and Decatur.

6. Sorrento Lemon Chicken from the ridiculously tasty Gio’s the spin off of Antico Pizza.  Maybe one of the tastiest looking dishes in the history of our TV show.

7. Is Bourbon considered a dish, it is when it is custom made for our event after a trip to Woodford Reserve in Kentucky with the guys from Muss and Turner’s where we created the “Spirit of the Giving Kitchen” bourbon that will blow your mind.

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