Steak’s Found One of the Great Sandwiches in Atlanta, & You Won’t Be Surprised Where It Is

7 Things I'm Sure Of | Atlanta Eats

1) The city of Atlanta is not going to do any favors next three years for that local baseball team that is leaving town when it comes to traffic, DOT projects, schedule conflicts etc….You thought you saw some ugly game day traffic on weekends, throw in a little highway construction, you ain’t seen nothing yet.


2) The perfectly prepared linguine with clam sauce is one of the highlights of a fine Italian restaurant. Need to know your favorite, but believe it or not The Palm in Buckhead really delivers.


3) There has never been a more comfortable and inviting guest on Atlanta Eats than Molly who owns “The Porter” in Little Five and is featured on this week’s Beer episode. She makes me want to spend all my dining out dollars on her and her husband, who have created a spectacular vibe of food and cheer at their popular restaurant.


4) The newly on the menu Chicken Parm sub from Caffe Gio on Hemphill (yeah the guy from Antico) is as fine a sandwich as is served in our city. Perfectly tender home-made chicken, freshest mozzarella with Gio’s signature sauce and perfect crusty bread made me a hero on a recent lunch run I made for 3 buddies.


5) The Growler is as cool a beer trend as there has been in 10 years.


6) This season of “Homeland” has simply not been able to live up to the hype and what’s with Brody appearing like twice in the first 6 episodes? Carrie, go grab another drink and a Valium, this show needs to end strong.


7) If you have never brought your kids to Richard Blais’ burger emporium “Flip” in Buckhead or West Midtown do so, it will immediately become their favorite restaurant and not just because of the Krispy Kreme milkshake.


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