Steak’s Seven Things I’m Sure of This Week

7 Things I'm Sure Of | Atlanta Eats


1. The Phipps movie theater makes every movie better, so do the martinis beforehand and a great plate of pasta at Davio’s after.


2. Speaking of Davio’s, check out my man Steve DeFillippo, owner of Davio’s, and his new book “It’s All About the Guest” which is doing amazing on Amazon last few weeks. It’s got recipes in it and great restaurant stories but what it really is is a business book that speaks to business owners and folks who deal with consumers and gets them back on track with what matters.


3. Yes I am disappointed with Season 3 of Homeland. Maybe because it is coming right after my separation anxiety over Breaking Bad finale but this show just meanders and the plot with the daughter out of rehab and her addict boyfriend, thank god for fast forward on my Comcast DVR.

 Sad Dana

4. Mara just shot a great Season 3 segment at “Article 14” restaurant in Midtown. Same building as King and Spaulding, the legendary law firm in Midtown. And dare I say it, is one of the best business lunch spots I have seen in awhile. By the way, new head of their cocktail program, Arianne Fielder is a rock star in the business; hang out at her bar you will not be disappointed.


5. One of the city’s most under-rated great dinner spots is “Going Coastal” the outstanding seafood restaurant in Virginia Highland. We did a great piece on their original restaurant in Canton during Season Two.


6. Their is no more spoiled group of sports fans on the planet than Boston loyalists. Not only are they going to get like their 8th title in the last 12 years or so but the David Ortiz grand slam in the 8th inning at Fenway last week, why do Braves fans never get that moment, Geez!!

Red Sox

7. If you haven’t tried “Graeters” ice cream available at your local super market (cookie dough, mocha chip etc..) then don’t. It will cost you significant dollars and much mental anguish if it is hidden away in your freezer. I have lost 6 consecutive battles to them between the hours of 9 to midnight.

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