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At Atlanta Eats, we…well…eat. A lot. And each week, we’re sharing the dishes that stand out the most.

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Spring Salad at One Midtown Kitchen

It’s finally strawberry season in Atlanta, and they are popping up all over the place! One of tastiest incarnations we had this week was in a salad at One Midtown Kitchen. We were there hosting a dinner with Stellas Artois and this beauty showed up as the first course. It was made up of arugala, mint, feta cheese, strawberries and tossed in a pickled vidalia onion vinaigrette.


Lobster Tacos at Nuevo Laredo

When you tell someone that you are going to Nuevo Laredo, there are two things they will say. 1) OMG, can I go?! & 2) You HAVE to get a lobster taco! Well, we took that advice this week and our tastebuds have never been more pleased.


In The Park at Wrecking Bar

A wonderfully made cocktail, the kind that you think about days later, takes the same amount of skill as a perfectly prepared dish. One of those cocktails crossed our lips at The Wrecking Bar. In The Park is made with fresh basil muddled with  grapefruit and ginger. Refreshing and our new go-to summer cocktail.


Mango Mojo Burrito at Q’Doba

Just look at the sheer joy in her eyes and tell us you don’t want one of those burritos right now. ‘Nuff said.

*This is our user submitted photo of the week. Congrats @josjbickford , you’ve won dinner at one of our favorite spots in town!



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