The Cheesiest Event of the Summer: The Atlanta Grilled Cheese Festival 2018

By Jordan Shoulberg, Atlanta Eats Intern. WARNING: This post will be cheesy.

grilled cheese sandwiches

Sandwiches featured at the Atlanta Grilled Cheese Festival 2018

The Atlanta Grilled Cheese festival melted its way into the heart of even Brookhaven’s youngest food critic. In this two day event, Atlanta eaters enjoyed live music, participated in Father’s Day games, and relished in the gooey-est grilled cheeses Atlanta has to offer. Food trucks ranging from American styled, to Mediterranean, to BBQ drove up to showcase their own take on a great grilled cheese. In case you missed the excitement, Atlanta Eats joined the party to bring to you the tastiest dishes of the bunch.


Join us on this cheesy odyssey!

Let’s start with a bang: the Grilled Cheese Festival’s 2018 award winning “Hot Mess” sandwich from LOW CO Motion. The hot mess is mouth watering just from looking at it. Loaded on the inside with brisket, pimiento cheese, and pickles and dulcified by the bourbon and brown sugar pair, this daring combination proved to be a total show stopper. LOW CO Motion had numerous other signature dishes including “The Plain Jane”, “Caprese Melt”, and the “Not Your Momma’s Grilled Cheese.” You could say I had a really GOUDA time exploring these sandwiches (excuse the cheesiness).


Your friends would LOVE this sandwich.

I am absolutely obsessed with this next grilled cheese. It was anything short of ordinary. Created by the coffee shop truck, Java Saga, was the most palatable pizza flavored waffle cheese sticks. From the moment I pulled apart this dish, the cheesy goodness gushed out. This creative take on a grilled cheese had the festival attendees coming back for seconds and even thirds. Perfect for brunch, lunch, and dinner, waffle pizza sticks are officially one of the summer’s cheesiest trends.

Avocado is one of those ingredients that can be paired with almost anything and taste heavenly. This next meal was no exception – it was avocaDOPE! Fresh off the Brainfood Hawt CHZ truck comes the avocado and bacon grilled cheese. From the delectable crunch of the garlic sourdough bread to the rich taste and rugged texture of the bacon complemented by that smooth texture of the avocado – this dish was absolutely sensational.


Dude, Grilled Cheese sandwiches are the best.

It turns out you don’t have to travel to Philadelphia to witness a really good Philly cheesesteak turn into an even better grilled cheese. Wings on Wheat served up numerous mouth-watering treats for the Atlanta eaters this past weekend. The hardest choice of my day inlcuded deciding between the lemon pepper ranch grilled cheese and the Philadelphia-inspired-Sunday-special. Since it was Father’s day, I decided to stay loyal to my dad’s hometown and went with the creamy flavors of that Philadelphia delight. Wow.. did I make the right choice! This grilled cheese was so tasty it even wooed my stubborn Philly father proving once again that anything other cities do…Atlanta does better!!

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